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For almost 50 years, the world’s leading brands have relied on YA’s expertise in incentive marketing to effectively attract, retain, and win-back consumers.


Purchase Incentives

Winning new customers is a complex challenge in today’s marketing world. To incentivize the most discerning buyer, YA offers a full range of digital and traditional rewards, including virtual options, checks, gift cards, merchandise, and travel.

Go deeper into YA’s rebate capabilities.

Rebate programs have evolved over time. With a focus on consumer engagement, YA looks to solve client problems and create positive customer experiences with an innovative, data-driven, digital-first methodology that builds long-term brand connections.

Whether in the form of upgraded devices, bill credits, or other offers, YA incentive programs focus on getting consumers to switch from one provider to another. Our custom Switcher process makes a difference to the service providers fighting for share in crowded industries.

Keeping your customers happy is a priority. With the YA Appeasement solution, your company has the opportunity to offer consumers a variety of reward options to retain your loyal user base.

Boost sales of your product or service by standing behind it with a satisfaction guarantee. Consumer confidence in purchasing decisions builds trust in your brand.

The Premier Value Card (PVC) presents multiple offers on a re-loadable card transforming one sale into an opportunity to engage across purchases. The PVC program allows a manufacturer to bundle multiple discounts on one card redeemable at major retailers. When the PVC is used we analyze the spend and initiate on-going engagement.

It’s All in the Statistics


of consumers have taken advantage of rebate rewards in the last 12 months


of consumers will pick one brand over another because of a rebate program


of consumers will go to a specific retailer because of a rebate reward

*Source: Ya Consumer Rebate Research

Enter to Win

With more than 40 million entries and 2,000 programs operated each year, YA Engage has the expertise to deliver your program flawlessly. From website development, fraud protection, legal compliance, mail-in process, judging tools, and more, we look forward to helping you decide what strategy is best for your brand.

YA sweepstakes often go beyond the simple one-time entry and include opt-in consent for future marketing objectives. Winners are chosen at random and offer brands a great way to earn additional exposure.

Contest winners are selected using the proprietary YA judging tool to ensure all entries are compliant and meet the marketing objectives of the program.

YA text-to-win programs offer a quick and easy way for consumers to connect with their favorite brands in real time. The option to enter via text from anywhere often leads to increased participation in the campaign.

UGC give your consumers a creative way to express their connection and commitment to your brand. From photos, personal experiences, social interactions, and consumer feedback, UGC empowers brands to showcase their advocates.

Create data-rich, meaningful relationships with consumers through a variety of social media promotions. YA develops social programs that accommodate unique experiences across Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and other emerging platforms.

An effective engagement tool that help brands achieve their goals while allowing consumers to have fun through mobile, online, and social platforms.


Reward Fulfillment

With over $1 billion in rewards issued each year, our ability to provide a broad catalog of reward types at any scale is unmatched. YA ensures the reward process is the exciting culmination of a promotion with enhanced, branded experiences.

Prepaid cards have the benefit of being close to cash with favorable pricing and flexibility. Multiple models exist to fit every promotion.

Gift cards provide a halo effect for both the marketer and the gift card brand. We fulfill over 350 retail brand gift cards in both physical and virtual forms.

Delivering premium merchandise to brand advocates creates higher perceived value for rewards. YA is an industry leader at procuring merchandise – including hard to find products and consumer electronics – and fulfilling at scale.

Experiences excite and engage consumers. We boast diverse offerings from subscriptions to white-glove travel events.

Direct payments motivate to consumers buy, putting cash into through account, using checks, leading P2P payment services and ACH.


Customer Engagement

At YA Engage, our focus is driving long-term engagement for our customers by guiding consumers through the buyer’s journey with a positive brand experience. Our engagement approach includes:

  • Referral
  • Appeasement
  • Ongoing Promotions

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