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The world’s best-known brands prefer YA for our vertical marketing expertise and ability to create extraordinary engagement programs for each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Enter to Win:
Dannon’s Selfie Challenge Offers Participants a Real Treat

Dannon logo

When it came to marketing their Light & Fit line of yogurts to a target audience of young, health-conscious consumers, the Dannon marketing team wanted to give away an in-demand, active lifestyle prize and create a way for their audience to establish a personal connection with the brand. From that goal, came a unique enter to win promotion: Dannon Light & Fit consumers would be encouraged to take a “selfie” with any Light and Fit product.

The Solution

  • Launched an enter to win photo promotion with text entries

  • Developed a seamless entry experience via the website optimized for mobile, social, and other channels

  • Created an opt-in consumer database of information and images

Dannon Contest phone

The Results

Dannon contest entry icon
total entries
Dannon selfie icon
20k photo entries
the majority of which came via text message submissions
Dannon database icon
of participants opted to release photos and add their names to Dannon’s database

Rebates and Incentives:
Refer a Friend Portal Answers the Call

US Cellular logo

In an effort to grow its subscriber base, U.S. Cellular offered existing customers the opportunity to refer a friend for valuable rewards. Customers signed up via the integrated Refer a Friend portal on U.S. Cellular’s website, uploaded their contacts and received referral links. Once a friend signed up in store, online, or by phone, the friend then also enrolled on the Refer a Friend site. Our systems matched up both referrer and referee and sent each a $50 U.S. Cellular prepaid Visa® card.

The Solution

  • Created simple Refer a Friend structure that enabled easy referrals via email and social media

  • Provided infrastructure that quickly matched referrer and referee once new service was set up

  • More than 25k new customers signed up, exceeding initial goals

U.S. Cellular Referral Program mockup U.S. Cellular Referral Program mockup

The Results

U.S. Cellular 1,100 referrals a month icon
referrals a month
U.S. Cellular 1.5 referral average icon
1.5 referrals
average number of referrals per program participant
U.S. Cellular 25k new customers icon
25k+ new customers
surpassed our goal for new customers

Lowe’s Enhances Customer Connections Through Evergreen Portal

Lowe’s was looking to completely transform the rebate process and offer convenience to customers looking for additional offers. Starting with their paint category, Lowe’s effectively leveraged every customer interaction and used it as a platform to re-engage their best customers. This engagement strategy and methodology was adopted by other categories, and became instrumental in driving profitable revenue back into the Lowe’s brand. Lowe’s also created a page on its site that gave consumers the ability to submit their product rebate online, check their rebate status, and search for existing rebates on thousands of Lowe's products.

The Solution

  • Created a full engagement strategy around the rebate process, including a website that features integration into Lowe’s POS system via API, hosting & development, managed order status look-up functionality, validation, consumer relations support, and reward fulfillment

  • Front-end validation confirms purchase offer details. Integrated with Eco Rebates for promotional search functionality and mobile optimized for an enhanced consumer experience

  • Every interaction with a Lowe’s customers was used to gather key customer data, cross-sell, and drive consumers back into the store.

Lowe's – Rebate, the more you spend the more you get laptop Lowe's – Rebate, the more you spend the more you get laptop

For over ten years, Lowe’s has turned to YA for their customer engagement expertise and focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. YA is an extension of the Lowe’s team with the execution and management of Lowe’s rebate program. The team at YA continually provides valuable thought leadership on consumer insights and solutions to enhance customers’ engagement with Lowe’s. YA is always available to assist with requests and offers creative solutions that drive measurable results.

Ryan Fagan, Director of Sales and Ops Planning, Lowe’s Companies, Inc.


Consumer Loyalty Program:
Consolidating Reward Fulfillment & Customer Care

In 2018, PepsiCo relaunched their loyalty program under its original name, Pepsi Stuff, replacing the short-lived Pepsi Pass loyalty app. During the relaunch, they wanted to ensure that customers received rewards promptly, and they sought to eliminate operational challenges associated with the program’s large scale. YA helped accomplish these goals by procuring and fulfilling the Pepsi Stuff rewards. YA’s Call Center solution also supported PepsiCo customers who had questions related to reward shipment and delivery.

The Solution

  • Provide fulfillment at scale

  • Reduce operational risks

  • Drive measurable increase in sales of Pepsi® beverages, particularly during key summer drive time

Pepsi Website on laptop

The Results

Pepsi icon 1
Rewards Delivered
Pepsi icon 2

Successful Transition of Programs
Pepsi icon 3

Launched in US & CANADA

Digital Brand Affinity:
An Interactive Gaming Experience with Live Consumer Engagement

Consumers received a Bud Light® Square for each football game in the entry period. Each square represented the participant’s numbers for the game corresponding to the entry period (home and away team scores). At the end of the promotion period, the consumer with the highest accumulation of points was awarded the Grand Prize: tickets to the Super Bowl!

The Solution

  • Drive on-premise sales with check-in option to redeem at establishments serving Bud Light®, which also created excitement around the brand among NFL fans and other consumers

  • Facebook log-in ability, point accumulation & tracking capabilities, and scoreboard display

  • Created custom API feed with NFL.com for real-time stats, as well as a mobile-enabled website with age gate, account registration functionality, and password reset

Bud Light - Game with Live drawings mockups

The Results

Increased Bud Light’s social media network icon
Bud Light’s social media network
Strong partnership promotion for Bud Light’s retail customers icon
Strong partnership
promotion for Bud Light’s retail customers
Real-time live engagement provided during core drive time icon
Real-time live
engagement provided during core drive time

Enter to Win Contest:
Maytag Drives Engagement During "May is Maytag Month"

Maytag was looking for a creative way to get their retailers excited and consumers into their stores during their “May is Maytag Month” annual promotion. Consumers were invited to guess the location of Maytag trucks around the U.S. to win some major appliances. Maytag parked its delivery trucks at four locations across the country, created an interactive 360-degree map, and waited for the pins to start dropping.

The Solution

  • Defined official rules, and ensured bonding and registration compliance

  • Managed submissions coming in from the interactive map

  • Created an iframe to ensure consistent branding across the map pages of Maytag’s existing site

Maytag – Sweepstakes, without making a purchase consumers could enter multiple times laptop mockup Maytag – Sweepstakes, without making a purchase consumers could enter multiple times laptop mockup

The Results

Maytag - 11,000 pins were submitted icon
pins were submitted
Maytag - 80% of submitted pins were unique participants icon
of submitted pins were unique participants
Maytag - 50% opt-in rate ensured Maytag captured consumer specific details for future promotions icon
opt-in rate ensured Maytag captured consumer specific details for future promotions

Enter to Win Workplace Sweepstakes:
SMS + Website Increase Consumer Engagement

Pure Leaf was looking for a way that consumers could experiment with food pairings alongside their product, so they decided to award an exclusive culinary experience to loyal buyers in New York City. Despite being in the market for a shorter period of time, the promotion far exceeded entries and repeat participation. Website conversion remained high throughout the promotion period illustrating a seamless consumer experience, and an incremental sales lift in participating workplace locations during the promotion period was evident.

The Solution

  • Consumers were able to simply text the keyword to the short code in order to be directed to the promotion website

  • In order to be included in the Grand Prize drawing, consumers entered their information electronically

  • The website provided another vehicle for delivering brand content to consumers in workplace locations

Pure Leaf – Sweepstakes laptop

Seasonal Promotion:
Sabra Heats Up Its Summer Sales Forecast

Sabra knew their consumers wouldn’t be interested in any old seasonal BOGO this year. They were looking for a new way to delight their fans with a unique experience that would also drive incremental sales over the summer. An artisanal promotion rewarded loyal Sabra shoppers with one of 8 handmade bowls designed by artists from across the United States. Each unique bowl was a perfect fit for their existing plastic tub but transformed the snack into a piece of picnic table art.

The Solution

  • Program participation increased throughout the promo period and was even extended

  • Brand principles of quality and artistry were reinforced with videos by independent potters

  • YA consulted with Sabra to drive ongoing conversations with participants

Sabra Buy/Get rewards Phone Screen

Quality and Artistry: A Perfect Fit

Sabra Bowls Over Customers with Beautiful Ceramic Art Giveaway

The Results

Sabra - Developed a submission website icon
Developed a submission website
Sabra - Fulfillment of all 8 bowl options icon
Fulfillment of all 8 bowl options
Sabra - Validation of receipts
Validation of receipts
Sabra - Defined compliant terms and conditions
Defined compliant terms and conditions
Sabra - Consumer help and support icon
Consumer help and support
Sabra - E-mail communication icon
E-mail communication

Enter to Win:
“Bring Back the Jingle” Contest Hits all the Right Notes

CEFO Convenience Stores sponsored a “Bring Back the Jingle” contest, encouraging customers to remake the nostalgic CEFCO jingle. The contest, calling for user-generated fan content, ran over the 2018 summer months in CEFCO’s southern markets, and was promoted via CEFCO social, website, POP, and radio. The winning jingle will be recorded and featured as the new “voice” of CEFCO with a grand prize of $5,000.

The Solution

  • Positively engaged customers and increased brand loyalty

  • Reinvigorated the CEFCO jingle with user-generated content

  • Attracted new brand advocates who promoted the CEFCO name

CEFCO Contest, play to win laptop mockup CEFCO Contest, play to win laptop mockup