Comprehensive promotional services and support


By taking a consumer-centric approach, YA designs simple, effective promotions that ensure each program component is fully accounted for to meet client goals.


Our Services

Strategy and Consulting  icon

Strategy and Consulting

YA’s team of experienced promotional marketing experts brings insight and delivers results. From taking part in our clients’ strategic planning, facilitating ideation, benchmarking and forecasting, we are focused on helping our clients win in a constantly shifting marketplace.

Program Management  icon

Program Management

Ensuring execution every day is key to any promotion’s success, but providing proactive recommendations and catching problems before they grow sets our team apart from the average promotional service provider.

Digital Creative  icon

Digital Creative

Our in-house creative team designs everything from promotional marketing websites and interactive games to pieces that require strict compliance. YA’s team works with clients to ensure that the final product is custom-tailored—not stuck in a template.

Technology and Development   icon

Technology and Development

We work well with others to ensure promotional success. Our team of developers and technologists are truly full-stack engineers. They specialize in building experiences that drive consumer engagement and integrate seamlessly with client systems.

Legal Compliance  icon

Legal Compliance

Fortune 500 Companies turn to YA to ensure legal compliance with all regulations associated with promotional programs. When developing promotional terms, writing sweepstakes, and drafting contest and games rules, YA’s team delivers legally sound promotions with industry-leading knowledge of the risks associated.

Fraud Prevention icon

Fraud Prevention

Any purchase incentive or enter to win campaign attracts fraud and bad actors looking to take advantage of promotions. YA has established tools, systems and processes to reduce our clients’ risk factors.

Rewards, Procurement and Fulfillment  icon

Rewards, Procurement and Fulfillment

We fulfill rewards and prizes for many of the largest programs on the market. YA’s robust reward catalog includes prepaid cards, gift cards, payments like Paypal and ACH, merchandise, and experiences. Our unique ability to procure unforgettable experiences and one-of-a-kind premiums helps YA create enticing promotions for our clients. Our ability to fulfill promotions at scale is a primary reason why our clients are loyal to us.

Consumer Support  icon

Consumer Support

Promotional support is not a “necessary evil” for YA, rather an opportunity to further engage with consumers. Under our methodology, customer care reps look to deliver one-call resolutions and minimize the noise associated with promotions. Our Consumer Support team is scalable, flexible and armed with the best tools for supporting consumers.

Insights and Analytics  icon

Insights and Analytics

Unlike our competitors, YA has a full feature reporting and analytics suite available to our clients 24/7/365 with near real-time data. Our tools are for all types of users, from Executive to Analyst, to provide the insights needed to make the right decisions.

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How We Engage

Account Management Team

  • Experienced marketing professionals

  • Vertical oriented team for deeper knowledge

  • Both a consultant and daily manager

White Glove Approach

  • Everyday partnership

  • Proactive assistance

  • Creative resolutions

Strategy and Consulting

  • Strategic marketing planning

  • Brainstorm facilitation

  • Promotion benchmarking and insights

Case Studies