What’s up for St. Pat’s? Our survey found out

Chris Behrens, President and CEP

There’s a great saying about all the festivities that take place every year on March 17: On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone you meet is either Irish … or wishes they were. Here at YA, we’ve got a curiosity about everything consumers are thinking, feeling, planning and doing, no matter what time of year it is. It’s an area of study that’s close to our hearts, because it matters to the success our clients — and that’s what keeps us moving forward in our business. This March, we took a quick break from our usual business-focused analysis for a lighthearted survey on how folks hope to experience the Luck O’ the Irish on the upcoming holiday.

What are you drinking?
Our proprietary and completely unscientific survey found that more than two-thirds (67 percent) of respondents said they’ll be saying Sláinte! (Gaelic for “cheers!”) over a potent potable. What will be in your glass as you’re tipping a few? For most of you, (39 percent) it’ll be beer. That beer might even have an Emerald-Isle-ish hue, since 65 percent said green beer is emblematic of the holiday. There are some purists, thought (35 percent) who feel green beer is “gross” and “a bad idea.”

Luck o’ the rebate
Since we’re in the business of promotional marketing solutions, we were interested in finding out if there was significant consumer desire for participating in tie-ins or offers in the midst of the celebrations. And we found, not surprisingly, that people are still looking for a deal, with 61 percent saying they’d buy one brand of beer or alcohol over another if a rebate was involved. At 53 percent, “rebates” were the top type of promotion respondents would participate in when buying those adult beverages, followed by “text to win” (32 percent) “mobile games” (15 percent) and “collect to win” (10 percent).

My take-away from that nugget of data is that marketers who have planned ahead with holiday promotions on beverages – and accompanying snacks – will have a real opportunity to attract new customers who enjoy a great celebration. And if you’ve planned one of those promotions with YA, you’ll be that much closer to increasing your own goals to acquire new customers, retain the ones you have and develop “raving fans” among them.

Time for fun
Here in our offices in downtown Minneapolis, we’ll be knocking off a couple hours early on Friday afternoon to enjoy our own St. Patrick’s Day pre-party. I wish you a safe, responsible and enjoyable holiday, and offer you a sincere Sláinte! for the day.

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