What a Year!

by: Chris Behrens, President and CEO

Which do you think I’m happier about – YA’s year-over-year growth of 30 percent, or the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series? Of course, it’s YA’s incredible performance, but I’ll have to admit that the performance of my Cubbies is a close second! (Not really…as president and CEO, I had to say it!)

As I look back on the year, it’s clear that 2016 marked a landmark 12 months for our business. We’ve added amazing talent to our team, celebrated the opening of a new, expanded Contact Center in Canada, and established relationships with many new clients. It’s been a year of growth and expansion. We’ve also made significant investments in our business to support our growth. For example, we’re deploying a new ERP system and workflow management tools to allow us to execute programs more effectively and efficiently on behalf of our clients. In 2016, I’m proud to say, we continued on our journey to successfully transform our business and we see a very bright future.

Giving back and taking the lead

As we celebrate our success, we have also taken time to give back. We’ve continued to actively participate in our industry, shared our knowledge and learned from others by attending key industry conferences. In fact, in 2016 we stepped up our participation in association events and took advantage of many speaking engagements. Locally, I’ve strengthened the YA connection with the community as a board member of the Minneapolis Downtown Council and as an advisory board member at the Institute for Research in Marketing at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

What lies ahead for 2017? We’ll continue to leverage our talent and work as hard as we can to help our clients meet their objectives for acquisition, retention, win-back and ongoing engagement. Our client-centric approach will continue to be the cornerstone of solid partnerships. We’ll be bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to the table, and we’ll be offering solutions that are well-designed, flawlessly executed and incredibly effective.

Stay tuned

We’re growing, investing and making a difference … now more than ever. And what happened in 2016 is the continuation of our journey as we now strengthen and lead the industry. Stay tuned in the New Year for more details on how we’ll continue to leverage our skillsets across the business in order to continue to grow to scale. And, of course, we’ll be celebrating an historic two-in-a row World Championships win by the Chicago Cubs. (You heard it here, first!)

If you’d like to start your New Year by partnering with the industry leader for promotions to meet your marketing objectives, let’s begin a conversation. Please contact me to set up a convenient time to speak. Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy New Year, from all of us at YA.

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