Surprising results of new customer loyalty study: are you wasting your brand’s money?

Dennis Armbruster, Chief Revenue Officer

New research from Accenture Strategy says that while the customer loyalty landscape has shifted, many brands have not responded, resulting in “billions of dollars” of wasted marketing revenue. The study says that 54 percent of U.S. consumers have switched providers in the past year, and almost one fifth (18 percent) report that their expectations around brand loyalty have completely changed.

This may be surprising to some marketers, but it’s already well known to clients of YA, an industry leader in loyalty and promotions programs. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the loyalty landscape, and we share our thought leadership with them. For example, the study pointed out that a new key driver of loyalty is a nimble and authentic approach to an enhanced customer experience, and that’s what YA provides. We’ve helped our clients become fluent speakers of the new “languages of loyalty” cited in the survey, and that’s driven enhanced engagement and a good return on their marketing dollars.

How YA hacks loyalty – tens of millions of times each year
The passion for delivering a superior customer experience is in the DNA of our organization. We run 3,500+ promotions that reach tens of millions of consumers annually, and we’re experts at turning even first-time customers into loyal brand advocates. We’ve truly “hacked” the system of loyalty for our clients, helping them to do more than create “one and done” promotions by using each touchpoint as a way to drive increasing levels of engagement and loyalty from their customers.

Our expertise comes into play early on in the process, when we consult with clients to ensure their loyalty efforts are delivered in an authentic way. Modern consumers are wise to the wise of brands who make big promises but are actually trying to “game” them out of value, and we help our clients learn how to lay a foundation that assures their customers that they are in the loyalty game for the long haul.

Building relationships through “white glove” customer experiences
Every aspect of a loyalty program at YA is designed to make sure that your customers’ first experiences are positive and engagement-building, from initial communications, to timely reward delivery, to the “smiling voices” at our Contact Center. We understand the strong correlation between a great initial experience and long-term retention, and we hit the mark on that goal for our blue-chip clients, time after time. As the Accenture study pointed out, brand building happens when marketers pay attention to the relationship-building aspects of their loyalty programs, and that’s what YA can help you accomplish.

Let’s start talking
If you’re interested in hearing more about how YA can help you acquire new customers, retain the ones you have and encourage everyone to spread the word about your brand, please contact me to being the conversation.

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