How promotional data can strengthen customer relationships

Kevin Palmstein, Mobile/Web Application Product Management Leader

We’re in the business of creating smart, responsive promotions that help you reach your marketing objectives. And as successful as we are at doing that, we understand that promotions are only the beginning. Those first-step communications are a perfect entry point for deeper relationships with your loyal customers. With that in mind, our teams here at YA use sophisticated analytics to provide one-to-one insights about current behavior and attitudes among a wide customer base.

A new kind of loyalty
It’s really a new way of thinking about loyalty, in which you can create seamless ways to treat everyone who buys your product with the specificity you’ve normally reserved for only the most super-loyal customer. And if you communicate in ways that provide value to them, you will be creating a new group that cares about your brand and continues to support it.

Rebates, for example, are a great starting point for understanding more about buying behaviors. If a customer has submitted a rebate for your product, you can use that information to create a fresh stream of promotional activity that tells them about related products that make sense for them. This data-based knowledge can be used to create new, more customized offers, secondary discounts, follow-up suggestions to purchase warranties they didn’t initially opt for, and even programs to incentivize them to tell their friends about their positive experience. Those interactions create a new kind of loyalty program, one that offers a much more sophisticated set of tools than simply the collection and issuing of points.

Right content, right context
You don’t need to require a consumer to complete a lengthy application or download yet another app on their phone. By collecting the right data and then developing customized communications and offers based on segmented behaviors, you can develop follow-ups to make it easier for your customers to buy from you.

Promotional marketing is “touchpoint one” in customer conversations, and by using the information we gather during rebate, enter-to-win or refer-a-friend promotions, we’re able to tell clients what their consumers are looking for and how much they want to spend. That helps our design teams to create perfectly timed follow-ups that catch the customer right at the moment when they’re considering a new purchase. And that sort of insight helps ensures your marketing budgets are working harder than ever.

Lots of agencies are collecting data, but very few are developing smart follow-ups that target customers so precisely. Talk to YA to learn how our data team can help you create more effective marketing promotions, improve your ROMI, and enhance your customers’ experiences with your brand.

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