Promotion Expertise, Creative and Technology =Great Client Programs

by: Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services


Marketers continue to face challenges with respect to time and budget. One way that we help clients overcome this challenge is to deliver a “one-stop-shop”—meeting their needs not only with promotion development and execution, but also in developing all of the required creative for a promotion.

YA Creative Services

From a creative perspective, in addition to conceptualizing and executing the promotion back-end, our internal team also manages all of the digital creative design, development and hosting requirement. We work with clients to design the best user experience and user interface to drive customer engagement that aligns with our client’s brand and delivers on their marketing objectives. We use our client’s brand guidelines to develop program creative from scratch or repurpose existing campaign creative. Whether it is an enter to win program microsite, Facebook Canvas App, printed marketing support materials or email template design and delivery, our internal team can handle it all—making YA a one-stop shop for clients.

What that means for our clients are fewer hand offs, quicker turn-around and greater cost efficiencies. We save time and money. It also alleviates the potential for design gaps that can hinder success.

Promotion expertise

Our promotion expertise also comes through in our creative design. Our creative team is not just creative for creative sake. With our decades of experience in both program creative and execution, we know what elements work to make target consumers engage and drive brand loyalty. We put our client’s marketing objectives front and center as we develop the creative approach and user experience to ensure the promotion delivers.

Technology expertise

With YA you can also rely on our team’s technology expertise and proven best practices. We design all client work to be mobile responsive—and from a mobile first perspective. Consumers are mobile. With a mobile responsive approach, we’re ensuring that our client’s programs “work” and support the best possible brand experience.

Our team also is ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating social media into the promotion user experience and creative. We have capabilities to do Facebook and Twitter integrations, social listening (for hashtag promotions) and solutions for referring friends.

Here’s an example

We find that execution can happen very fast when every aspect of a promotion stays within YA. One of our subscription services clients had a great promotional idea, but a super-short turnaround if it was going to make an impact in the market at the right time. “We need to get this promotion up and running in five weeks,” they told us. “Can you build it?” “YES WE CAN,” said the YA team, and we pulled together the creative design, user experience and back-end functionality in record time.

At the very same time the interface and design work was being executed, our Contact Center and operations teams were working in tandem to get their elements of the promotion ready. Since we’ve built ourselves as a one-stop shop, we can create work streams in parallel, bypassing many of the inefficiencies that happen when you juggle multiple providers. The result? Deadline met, client very satisfied, with a proven return on marketing investment.


If you’d like to find out how the hard-working YA team can help you get the job done, please contact me to start the conversation.


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