O Canada! Expansion Reaps Benefits for YA Clients and Employees

by: Rena Gandham, Director, Human Resources

As I look back on the past year, the move and expansion of our Chatham-Kent Contact Center was transformational for our clients and our employees!

There are so many amazing memories to reflect upon.  After all of the hard work, preparation and planning, seeing our team’s faces as they walked into their new workplace for the first time was extraordinary!  And the celebration continued in the coming weeks as we prepared for and held our official ribbon cutting and Open House—signaling the official opening of the new YA | Canada Contact Center in Chatham-Kent, Ontario!

One of the highlights of that day was seeing so many people from our Minneapolis headquarters, community businesses and government officials come together to celebrate this important business and economic milestone. Municipal Provincial Parliament Member Rick Nicholls was there, and Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope declared it to be “YA Day” for the city. (Although I have to admit that every day is “YA Day” for me!)

Pride and appreciation

Since our move, what’s amazing is that the pride and appreciation for our new space has continued to grow for our team!  Our employees were thrilled to show off their brand-new work environment to friends and family. Everyone admired the new computers, modern workstations and the open and inviting café space. They appreciated the significance of that day, because the 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility is an investment not just in the area, but in themselves.

What’s ahead?

As we start 2017, we have nearly 150 employees on staff, most as Customer Contact Center associates. (Those are the happy people with the smiles in their voices, who have helpful answers to the questions consumers ask about our clients’ marketing promotions.) But, 150 is just the beginning. We’re adding new hires all the time, and have the capacity to grow this facility to as large as 500 associates. Is it no surprise that most of my time is spent in recruiting to our great new space to work with our Fortune 500 clients?

Why it matters

This expansion was driven by the success we’ve experienced in the past year and the growing demand we have from clients. Our track record of delivering superior consumer support is the foundation for our success and our new space is amplifying our already exceptional performance.  Having a great place to work with the latest tools and technology ensures we can continue to build our team with the best talent and gives our clients access to more YA services than ever before. The space has many features that our clients will appreciate, including expanded security technology to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive work, as well as areas for client-branded signage and messaging for designated specific teams.

Growth in Canada

Not only is this new facility the most advanced in the area, it represents a major investment in technology on the part of YA. From our Chatham-Kent location, we will be able to serve not only our existing base of blue-chip U.S. clients, but also grow our client list in Canada. As we look ahead in 2017, we will be adding more Contact Center associates to service our existing and new clients and adding a Canadian-based sales team member to help us with this planned growth.

If you’d like to learn more about how YA can help you with state-of-the-art inbound and outbound consumer support strategies, please contact me to begin the conversation.

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