What marketing execs wish their employees could do better: surprising survey results

Chris Behrens, President and CEO

Building a strong marketing team can be one of the most challenging tasks an executive faces. Sometimes the candidate with the right degree, the impressive credentials or the winning interview style turns out to be an under-performer Then there are pleasant surprises, too, like a new hire, given the right coaching and opportunities, grows into a leadership position and becomes a superstar.

A recent survey of Twin Cities marketing executives, commissioned by YA, finds some interesting strengths and weaknesses in the current crop of mid-level marketers. Respondents seem satisfied with digital and mobile acumen (only 7 percent cite it as a “lacking skill”), and are generally content with learning ability (18 percent say it’s lacking) and strong work ethic (19 percent feel it’s lacking).

Solving and communicating – not so much
Some key skills remain at the top of leaders’ wish lists. More than one in four respondents—26 percent—say that problem-solving ability is needed, and the lack of effective communication comes in a close second.

Here to help
The lack of these skills isn’t related to work ethic or motivation. They’re much more likely to be indicative of a staff that might be ready, willing and able, but is not as seasoned or experienced as their leaders would hope them to be. Running into—and solving—tough marketing problems, and learning how to keep everyone in the loop while doing so, can be more a factor of time-on-the-job and challenges conquered. And while executives are honing team skills and coaching for success, it can help to have agency partners who step in to fill in the gaps.

If you feel you marketing team is currently lacking the acumen to design, launch and measure the kind of promotions your brand requires, then consider calling on the “deep bench” here at YA. We’ve got the team in place to help you create quick-turn, seamless promotions that give you a provable ROI and help everyone on your team to learn and prepare themselves for future success.

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