Your local university might hold the key to your next marketing breakthrough

Chris Behrens, President and Chief Executive Officer

If you’re starting to feel as if “fresh thinking” has gone a little stale at your organization, maybe it’s time to create some new dynamics by reaching out to the best and the brightest business and academic connections in your community. That’s what we’re planning here at YA, and we’re all excited about the prospect of gathering together so many stellar thinkers for a concentrated focus on real-world marketing issues. On October 18 and 19, we’ll be sponsoring “Connecting and Engaging with Today’s Consumers – A Marketing Conference Presented in Partnership with YA, University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management’s Institute for Research in Marketing Conference, and the Minneapolis Downtown Council.”

I know from experience that an event like this can have a powerful impact. When I worked in the Chicago area, I partnered with Northwestern University for a marketing summit that was successful in combining community members, educators and business professionals to address pressing problems in our modern business climate. I was inspired to do so because I remembered that, during my own university days, I was hungry for practical ways to apply what I was learning. And I knew that tapping into the energy and intelligence of the younger generation would be a “win” for my own organization’s next-gen business acumen, too.

Connecting students to a thriving downtown
Under my leadership, I’ve helped YA find a great new home in downtown Minneapolis, and I’m determined that we’ll be good neighbors, too. That’s why I’ve committed to this three-year sponsorship of an event that will help University of Minnesota students make stronger connections to our vibrant, thriving downtown Minneapolis. I’m hoping we can increase the influence of the university on the greater community. And I’d like to have a chance to shake some hands, meet some new contacts, and introduce myself and YA to a larger network of leaders and innovators.

Would this approach work for you?
If you’re thinking, “I’m too busy to create an event like this in my community,” then here’s a suggestion for you. Consider becoming one of the 250 attendees at our conference in October, and see how it’s done. You just might be inspired to try something like this for yourself. By bringing together our own staff, our senior-level clients, the Minneapolis Downtown Council, students and faculty, we’ll have a unique opportunity to share insights, learn about the latest research and access marketing-driven practical applications.

Let’s start talking
If you’re interested in hearing more about the October conference, or in learning more about how YA can help you acquire new customers, retain the ones you have and encourage everyone to spread the word about your brand, please contact me to being the conversation.

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