Integrated Consumer Support

by: Tina Baeyens, Sr. Director, Contact Center

You’ve planned an integrated promotional campaign, you’ve worked with the digital creative team to develop your web site and you’ve selected some terrific rewards. It seems like your promotional marketing program is ready to go, right?

Wait a minute! Have you thought about consumer support? What will happen when participants have questions, need more information or want a person-to-person explanation about the process? If you haven’t got that support in place, participants could turn from loyal brand fans to disappointed consumers in the blink of an eye.

We get it (and have for more than 40 years)

What’s a smart marketer to do? Work with YA, of course. With our history of more than 40 years of being in business, we’ve learned quite a few things about consumers, and one important insight is that there will always be a few people who need a little extra support along the way with any promotion. That’s why we’ve established a world-class Contact Center to offer assistance and to help ensure your consumers have a seamless and satisfying brand experience with every promotion you run.

Consumer support is never an afterthought at YA. It’s integrated into to every program we run, because we know it’s vital to your overall success and brand experience. Handled correctly, these consumer interactions don’t have to be purely informational. They can be inspirational as well, helping participants to connect with your brand in new and highly positive ways.

Why “external” makes sense

Your organization may have its own contact center facilities for consumer support, and they probably do a great job with the work they’ve already got. It’s a different matter, though, to adjust to the peaks in inquiries that could come in from a national promotion and to respond effectively to consumers’ promotion-specific questions or requests. We have the work force in place that allows us to support and quickly scale up and scale down as efficiently as possible, in a way that an internal contact center might not be able to.

Additionally, the promotional expertise and program integration are key. Because we have complete data integration through all YA departments, our Contact Center agents have full and immediate access to all consumer submission details. We’re adept and flexible in coming up with swift solutions for consumer questions or concerns, turning each touchpoint into an opportunity to reinforce our client’s consumer brand experience.

Taking it to the next level

At YA, we’re staying on top of trends and offering more proactive and digital solutions to meet the needs of our clients and their consumers. We’ve added proactive, outbound calling to our list of services. Whenever we run across an entry with incorrect or incomplete information, we take the extra step and, instead of mailing out a rejection message, we call that customer directly for a helpful, one-on-one conversation and remediation. YA clients who choose to add outbound calling to their programs are finding it’s an excellent way to turn what could be a negative message into an incredibly helpful and positive one. This outbound calling minimizes customer frustration and increases satisfaction, creating a more seamless process. We also offer a variety of digital solutions, including email and web chat support.  This gives consumers a quick and easy online way to ask questions and get the help they need.

If you’d like to know more about our thought leadership around how to maximize the consumer experience at every touch point, especially when a consumer has a question about their promotion, we’re ready to begin the conversation. Please contact me today.

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