Glass half full? You betcha! An optimistic leader looks at the year ahead

Chris Behrens, President and CEO

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m usually a pretty optimistic guy. I plan thoroughly, work hard and usually see good results from my efforts. In the years I’ve been leading here at YA, I have more reason than ever to be optimistic. We’ve built a team that has what it takes to deliver for our clients, and I’m proud every day of the work they do.

One of the roles of a good leader is to keep looking ahead. I’m always scanning the horizon for what’s next, what’s new, what’s coming along that we need to be thinking about. In a marketplace that’s in a state of seemingly continuous disruption and hypercompetivity, it’s a good to keep a few steps ahead as much as possible.

As I take a look at what we’re likely to experience in the year ahead, I’m seeing a landscape of continued growth for our clients’ brands, our vertical market sectors and our industry as a whole.

Glass half full: Economy stays strong
The booming economy of 2017 is going to carry into the economic outlook for this year. When I look at key indicators like the growth in marketing spend and job, stock and the real estate markets, I see robust days ahead. Here are my thoughts:

Glass half empty: Harder to find good people
Strong job growth is always a good thing, right? Not necessarily. The current market may make it harder to find and keep good people in key roles. Here in the Twin Cities, where YA is based, we’re finding that it’s taking us a little bit longer to find qualified people to fill positions. On the plus side (and with me, remember, there’s always a plus side), the strength of our company, our continued growth and our client stable relationships give us an edge in not only finding, but retaining, the people we need to keep delivering flawless digital promotions to our clients.

The takeaway: We’re gonna need a bigger glass
In the best news of all, we’re finding that our promotional marketing solutions are resonating with blue chip clients like Lowe’s, Pepsi, T-Mobile, Vista and Whirlpool. They’re continuing to partner with us on ongoing engagement strategies to acquire new customers, build loyalty in their existing base and spread the word about their brands.

We’re responding to that customer confidence with big plans for the future, including the expansion into another contact center based in the U.S. And because success rarely happens if you don’t plan for it, we’re already in the process of identifying and moving forward with a strategic plan for 2019 to 2021.

If you’d like to talk to me about how YA can help you meet your marketing objectives with data-driven promotional marketing solutions, please contact me  to begin the conversation.

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