Four Steps to Flawless Execution

by: Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Operations

Our goal at YA is to create extraordinary consumer experiences that translate into positive returns on our clients’ marketing investments. We follow an organization-wide process that keeps us on time and on budget with all our client programs. No matter what type of program is being executed, our team follows four clear steps to ensure that we deliver flawlessly.

Step one: Understand the marketing objectives

We always start with understanding a client’s marketing objectives. Understanding though, is just the beginning. Once we understand them, we must align to them in all we do. It’s important we align at each stage in the process: planning, creative design, reward selection and reporting. From an execution perspective, the objectives translate into the business rules that guide the promotion and help ensure the best experience for our client’s consumers. We operate with a holistic awareness of how every member of the team is working to help our clients meet their goals and marketing objectives, and create a frictionless consumer experience.

Step two: Ask the right questions

Because we include a cross-functional group of experts in the design process, we are able to bring thought leadership and best practices to each program. One critical step in the process, is asking the right questions during initial client planning meetings. Whether the client is looking to drive revenue by utilizing strategies like rebates, enter-to-win, or loyalty, we bring decades of expertise to lead the discussions so that all requirements are explored and understood up front. We make sure to include a detailed map of the ideal consumer experience envisioned by our clients, and how that translates into the program design, submission process and ongoing supporting consumer communication.

Step three: “In flight” monitoring

Once a program is “in flight”, it’s game time!  Not only do we accept and process consumer submission information as they participate in the program, we proactively monitor key metrics associated with each promotion and provide our clients with ongoing updates regarding promotion performance and health. While every promotion is different, we monitor many pieces of information to understand how the program is performing.  For example, with rebate programs, we monitor the number of submissions, turn time for submission processing and how many rewards have been issued. We also make sure to have our finger on the pulse of consumer calls to the Contact Center including the number of inbound inquiries as well as why consumers are calling.

Step four: Measure against objectives

Once the program is completed, the final step is to review program performance metrics.  We review how the program performed based on a number of measures including program objectives, estimates, performance expectations, client KPIs and vertical benchmarks.  With that insight, we close the circle by working with our clients to improve their consumer experience and drive greater results. We make time for this step as it is vital to our clients’ overall success.

Don’t be shy! To learn more about how our four-step process can help your brand with flawless promotional execution, please contact me here.

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