Faster, Safer, Better: YA’s Digital Team Brings It All Together for Your Promotions

by: Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

When you want a promotion that leverages the best new promotional marketing technology, and integrates the systems you’ve already created internally, then it’s time to talk to YA. We’ve built a number of YA-proprietary application program interfaces (APIs) that allow us to bring new approaches to clients, while leveraging their system infrastructure.

APIs are just one of the ways YA delivers flexibility to help clients’ promotions work more efficiently and deliver greater results. Our Digital Services team has created some excellent best practices, using APIs and other technology, and data for communicating to our clients’ customers. These best practices, ultimately deliver a better experience.

We also have tools to allow us to work with our clients’ own APIs. It’s this cross-conversation that really enhances the program execution because it allows us to be quicker to market, budget-friendly and increasingly nimble in preventing fraud.

Still not sure how you might use APIs with your marketing programs? Here are a few examples to bring the importance and value to life.

Example one: Instant rebates to customer accounts

Through cross-conversations with client APIs, we’re able to create a more effective reward system. For our subscription services client, we leverage a secure API to reward customers who are eligible for promotional funds via a credit right on their bill, which saves the time, expense and hassle of sending a reward in the mail. Due to this flexibility, the mechanism offers plenty of options for how the reward value is delivered. For example, the rebate funds can even be amortized – a $200 credit for buying a new phone can be realized at $20 off per month for 10 months.

Example two: Referral validation

For another client, we use APIs to validate referrals and ensure the desired action has been completed. In the referral process, referrals are made via email, or through social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If the referee clicks on a referring link, we track the referral through the entire process, including verification that they made a purchase and are still a member, so that the referrer and referee can receive rewards. The APIs allow us to instantly confirm key pieces of information in the validation process. Using the API is not only more efficient, but greatly reduces the risk of fraud.

If you’d like to learn more about how YA’s API approach can allow your brand to execute more effective, powerful and safer promotions, please contact me to get the conversation started.


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