The fast and the focused: An academic tactic marketers are now embracing

Guest blogger: Joseph Redden, Associate Professor, Marketing, University of Minnesota

We call them “silos” in business. They’re referred to as “ivory towers” in academia. But whatever you call them, ways of working that allow us to remain isolated in our own worlds prevent us from learning and growing by interacting with people whose jobs are very different from our own.

That’s why I’m so eager to participate in the inaugural Marketing Conference presented in partnership with YA, University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management’s Institute for Research in Marketing Conference. On October 19, I’ll be one of the presenters who will be teaming up with a Fortune 100 business professional to discuss ways we can learn from each other and share best practices between the boardroom and the classroom.

In my session, I’ll be discussing ways that academics, students and leading-edge insights groups have learned to bypass the challenges of big data and create nimble, quick-response solutions for the confirmation of marketing insights. In just 30 minutes, I’ll offer you some practical how-to’s for designing and launching your own “guerrilla insights” group, right within your own organization. You’ll find out how to use more focused data, take less time and get significantly better results.

Interested? Want to learn more? You can reach the conference organizers here. I hope to see you October 19.

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