Fast and Flexible

by: Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

How YA delivers immediate and flexible digital rewards that help you meet your marketing objectives … plus some future trends you’ll want to consider

Remember rebate forms? And cutting off UPC codes? Remember stamps and envelopes?

These days, very few of us have the attention span or the spare time to devote to any process that takes more than a few minutes. What most time-starved folks do have is a mobile phone, and maybe even a PayPal account. That’s all YA needs to help create “of-the-moment rebates,” that capture the attention of your customer and encourage them to engage with your brand. Digital rewards take into account the needs and wants of today’s customer.

Direct customer solutions

Especially with rewards that are of a smaller value, due to a lower purchase requirement, the instant digital reward can be a lifeline that connects to customers who otherwise wouldn’t see the value in say, filling out and mailing in a form to get a $2 rebate on a $10 purchase. That was the dilemma faced by one of our clients, but we were able to create a rebate that instantly verified the request sent via mobile and put $2 directly in the consumer’s PayPal account. This promotion helped the client meet their marketing objectives by creating an easy digital solution that kept their consumers’ needs, wants and lifestyles in mind, addressing their time-and-effort challenges.

Downloads, virtual currency and gamification

All digital rewards don’t necessarily have to be cash. Google Play codes, music, ebooks, and even ecodes for coupons or special offers are all trends we are watching for our clients and their customers. The same is true for virtual currency, such as reward points—they’re quick to access and fun to use, and can often have a higher perceived value than the same amount of cash.

These types of non-cash rewards naturally lend themselves to gamification, in which those who participate in your promotional activity can earn badges or get credits that get them to the top of a leader board. These types of rewards are being increasingly used for channel and employee recognition incentives. Badging is a low-cost way to drive communication, competition and higher levels of engagement.

YA offers digital options such as PayPal payments and Google Play codes for verified rebates. We “get it” in ways that other companies do not; we’re a leader and innovator in the digital reward space. We understand that consumer engagement is all about being where your customers are and making engagement as efficient and easy as possible for them. Getting rewards to go digital is the last piece of that puzzle, and it’s making a big difference in the marketing plans of many of the major brands we work with every day.

If you’d like to find out how the digitally savvy YA team can help you enter the world of fast and flexible rewards, please contact me to start the conversation.

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