Deep roots, strong ties: How YA brings fresh thinking to our Minneapolis neighbors

Matt Shaeffer, Vice President, Sales
YA is a company with deep Minnesota roots. We’ve been doing business here in the state for more than 45 years. That strong heritage is part of our cultural DNA, and it’s a key component of our transformation into a Minneapolis-based organization–one that thrives with a talented team who love working in our new space.
Good neighbor
Our transformation included our 2015 relocation to the Lumber Exchange Building, built in 1885 and still one of the most beautiful buildings in the area (read more about our move here). Since then, we’ve been making a concerted effort to get to know our neighbors better and to learn more about their specific business challenges. As the nation’s promotional marketing leader, we work with a roster of blue-chip clients all over the country, including T-Mobile, Lowe’s, Office Depot, Pepsi and Anheuser Busch. We’re also beginning to work more closely with some of the leading corporations right here in our hometown.
Anyone who lives or works in Minneapolis will tell you that there’s an incredible feeling of vibrant energy in the city these days. We’re already the nation’s 13th-largest metropolitan economy, second only to Chicago in the Midwest. And we’re poised for exponential growth right around the corner. As we begin to see the effects of the “Minneapolis Big Build,” a time when more than $1 billion worth of city construction permits were issued in each of the past four years, we’re hoping that YA can strengthen our ties within the companies that are succeeding and growing right in our own neighborhood.
Minneapolis matters
We’re already providing significant value to customers within our four key verticals of consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, retail and subscription services. We execute programs for enter-to-win, rebates and refer-a-friend, and we use the big data we collect to design and launch ongoing efforts that help marketers acquire new customers, retain the ones they have and encourage everyone to spread the word about their brands. We help them move beyond “one and done” promotions with a robust engagement platform for significant and sustained lift, turning one-time customers into long-time customers. The kind of work we’re doing helps all kinds of major brands reach their marketing objectives, including brands that are based right here in the Twin Cities.
If you’re a marketer in the Twin Cities who would like to hear more about what YA can do for you, I’m right here in town, and I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and talk further. Contact me to begin the conversation.


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