Cool, Confident and Worry-Free

by: Krista Forsberg, Vice President, Marketing

Our clients are smart marketers — they are masters at creating and managing brands by effectively using all the marketing tools at their disposal to engage consumers, drive sales and increase loyalty. But, what we find is that our clients appreciate — and depend on — YA’s deep understanding of the legal requirements that come with executing marketing promotions. While laws and requirements change, YA stays abreast of the legal landscape to ensure that our clients’ promotions avoid any legal pitfalls.

Fingers crossed? Or cool, calm and confident?

When you’re ready to launch a rebate, sweepstakes, loyalty program or channel incentive, you need to work with a partner like YA who spends each day thinking about and executing flawless marketing promotions. We hear from clients after they worked with us for the first time that they “wished” they had worked with us earlier — when they assumed all of the legal requirements were taken care of and they weren’t. Just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best is a recipe for marketing disasters! With YA, you have a solid team of promotional legal experts to back up your brand, so you can be confident and worry-free. 

One step ahead

When we sit down with clients to provide legal consultation as part of a promotional program design, the comment we hear most often is: “I wouldn’t have thought of that!” That’s okay, we tell them: You chose YA so you don’t have to think of it. The depth and breadth of our legal knowledge, and our familiarity with even the smallest restrictions or requirements based on geography, participant age or our clients’ industry, helps us to guide program design and ensure a successful promotion.

Legislation regarding promotions, and the interpretation of that legislation, has been moving at a faster pace in recent years, especially with the introduction of digital, mobile and social applications. If the last promotion in which your brand participated was even just a couple years ago, you might be surprised to see how the landscape has changed.

A solid partner during rapid change

After more than 40 years of working in this field, we are experts regarding the legal considerations and design details that must be considered to ensure a perfectly crafted, brand-building and legally compliant promotional program. But, we know that years of experience alone isn’t enough. We also stay on top of what’s happening today and what might be coming in the future, thanks to our ongoing industry involvement and continued devotion to learning all there is to know about the fascinating legal world of promotional marketing.

If you want to work with a promotional marketing leader who is ready to share their promotional expertise to deliver peace of mind and support in developing and executing your next program, you’ll find significant value in talking with YA. Contact me and we’ll begin the conversation.

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