Consumers Love Samples and So Should Brands!

by: Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development

Samples are an important tool for marketers.  Why?  Consumers that try a product sample are more likely to buy that product in the future or even switch brands!  Ask consumers what they think, and almost unanimously they will tell you they love to try new products and experience previously unfamiliar brands risk-free with a product sample.

In fact, check out these statistics from our proprietary study on consumer sampling:

  • 92% of consumers will try a product sample
  • 53% bought the product sample they tried
  • 42% have switched their brand preference based on trying a product sample
  • 56% like product samples because they are looking for alternatives
  • 77% say that receiving product sample would motivate them to try another from that brand

And still, brands are missing sampling opportunities

Even with overwhelming positive insights regarding the benefits of product sampling, 75 percent of consumers did not receive any last year! That’s because, historically, product sampling has been an expensive and somewhat scattershot proposition for marketers. Brands must exert tremendous effort, and budget, to products samples into the mail or in-store settings. And then they only have minimal ability to discover who tried, who bought and who switched brands as a result of sampling.

Sample 2.0: The future of sampling

The great news is that those traditional problems are things of the past with YA’s proprietary technology, Sample 2.0. It allows marketers to identify consumers, pinpoint their sampling, vigilantly track the sampler behavior, and begin meaningful conversations with potential and converted consumers. Our digital solution allows marketers to deliver pre-paid cards to consumers for the specific product SKU that are redeemable for a free sample claimed in a retail outlet. Behind-the-scenes detailed reporting and analytics enable detailed review of sampling metrics — including who tried your product.  The capture of consumer information also enables brands to send follow-up offers and product information to obtain additional feedback, incent a future purchase or cultivate brand loyalty.

With YA’s Sample 2.0, you can operate a value-conscious, highly effective product sampling initiative that helps you meet your brand’s marketing objectives. Once received, consumers activate the card through a dedicated, branded program website. Customers then take the activated card that can be redeemed for a sample at a participating retailer. YA collects and analyzes the data that comes from redemptions. Finally, our detailed reporting analyzes your program’s success and summarizes the total return on your marketing investment (ROMI).

CPG success story

We’ve been experiencing significant success with this new technology, as demonstrated by a recent program with a consumer packaged goods client. The beloved brand sent Sample 2.0 cards to a targeted list of consumers with an offer, redeemable at a national retailer, for a full-size sample of their product. The results were outstanding!  During the sampling program period, 72 percent of measured retailer visits were new or incremental to the retailer, and 25 percent of consumers were new to the retailer. The brand experienced a 1.5 percent increase of market share at that retailer during the program period.  As an added bonus, the brand also created a loyal database of consumers to target future offers.

“Trying through buying” is about to experience a marketing renaissance, thanks to the consumer and technologically savvy solution provided by YA. We’ve leveraged our traditional marketing capabilities, honed over more than 40 years in business, to create a new entryway for marketing success, and our clients are responding with enthusiasm. If you want to join this new sampling revolution, we’d love to start the conversation. Please contact me.

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