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Chris Behrens, President and CEO

We’ve got a team that can’t be beat. I know you must suspect that I’m somewhat biased in that opinion, but a quick glance at the bios of our most recently promoted associates is my strongest evidence. These are folks who work hard, keep the customer top-of-mind and understand that everything they do need must be aligned with our strategic plan. Great things are happening here at YA, and it’s in no small part the result of work done by team members like these.

Aaron Ackerman has been promoted to Principal Software Engineer. Aaron has been a key engineer on the E2 platform since he joined YA in May, 2016. Aaron has been asked to take a lead engineer role on the team. This includes setting technical direction and providing guidance and feedback to peers when needed.

Adriel Bean has been promoted to Sr. Business Analyst. Adriel joined YA in October 2016. Since then, Adriel has led significant projects with one of our largest clients. He has also helped lead the transition to a more-structured Agile-focused YA team.

Dawn Colihan has been promoted to Sr. Systems Administrator. Dawn has taken the lead to deliver key technologies, like multi-factor authentication and enterprise backup. She has led the project, technical implementation, communication and support, and she is our “go to” resource for anything infrastructure related.

Justin Eisenzimmer has been promoted to BI Manager. Justin has been a key contributor to the Insights and Analytics team. He finds solutions that meet clients’ needs as well as YA’s operational requirements, including the development of dashboards and the Data Warehouse/Data Visualizer tools.

Rachel Enstrom has been promoted to Sr. Manager, Solution Design. During her tenure at YA, Rachel has greatly impacted how we define solutions for our clients, the way we present in the sales process and the increasing speed and accuracy of our estimation process. Rachel has a thirst to understand how our products work and helping our account management and sales team win more business.

Tammy Kassulker has been promoted to Sr. Reporting Manager. Tammy does not hesitate to dig into issues, get involved and fill the gaps to help drive YA’s tool implementation and marketing programs to successful results. She has been instrumental in implementing and managing our reporting and fraud capabilities.

Rachel Marti has been promoted to Sr. Analyst, Decision Support. Rachel is a strong partner for the sales and account development teams in providing estimates for client work. She took the lead to create new processes to more accurately reflect client estimates, provided analysis that ultimately found areas to bill to the clients and has increased the efficiency of the process.

Nicole Mewes has been promoted to Sr. Director, Engineering. She has done a great job managing the client delivery team which has included hiring new talent, building out scalable processes and developing strong relationships with the account team.

Emily Sadnick has been promoted to Sr. Account Manager. Emily has been instrumental in helping grow and manage complex promotions, accounting for significant sales growth.

Shannon Senna has been promoted to Director, Human Resources. Shannon excels at recruiting new talent, on-boarding employees and managing employee relations. Over the past year, she has also taken on more responsibilities launching new organization development and communication initiatives such as Career Framework.

Ben Sorenson has been promoted to Sr. Business Analyst. Ben has delivered countless new sites and enhancements to existing sites supporting all YA Verticals. Over the past year Ben, has streamlined how the Client Delivery team prioritizes and delivers work using Agile principles, which has helped increase team throughput. He puts ongoing effort into maintaining Epic/Story templates so that the team can expect consistency when they tackle new work.

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