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by: Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

YA’s development philosophy is mobile-first, mobile-responsive

I’ve always thought “first things first” is a great guiding principle for planning every day. The idea is to tackle high-priority items first, and move on to ones with a lower “mission critical” factor. It’s the way I like to organize my workflow, and it’s certainly the way we all like to get things done at YA.

But beyond being a great organizational mantra, the idea of taking care of the most important task first is also the foundation for the way we build our digital solutions. “Mobile first” is YA’s development credo. Every client solution begins by ensuring our technology works at optimal levels in a mobile setting, which is the place where consumers increasingly want to be—where they spend their time with your brand and your promotional activities. We understand how and where your customers are, with engaging and attractive offers that compel them to learn more about your brand.

YA’s mobile-first approach

Our mobile-first, mobile-responsive development philosophy means we architect all information to be highly usable and unmistakably easy for users of smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices. Some marketing service providers might not recognize the importance of the transition from a classic desktop or laptop browser to mobile. Understanding and ensuring that you’re delivering your promotions with a mobile focus is critical to your customers’ brand experience and promotion engagement. At YA, our mobile expertise is part of what makes us a technology leader in our industry. When you work with us, you’ll experience top-echelon development expertise and, even better, so will your customers.

Our philosophy of “mobile first” makes YA unique in the industry. Strategy and design work go hand-in-hand during every promotion. We’re considering the user experience at every development point along the way, and our clients marketing objectives to guide our development and inform the digital strategies we recommend including text messaging, gaming, social platform campaigns and more. When you work with YA, you’ll be offered elegant digital solutions that work to reach your customers with spot-on messaging and methods.

Big data with relevant meaning

Delivering the front-end technical executional capability is only the beginning of the YA story, since we also shine when it comes to providing actionable back-end analytics that help our clients understand what worked well, what could work better next time, and how YA can continue to help them create more engaged relationships with their customers. We don’t just capture data, we use it to inform decisions that will provide our clients the highest possible return on their marketing investments.

When you’re ready for mobile-first, mobile-responsive to be part of your promotional strategy, please contact me to start the conversation with the digital team at YA.

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