Eight Steps to Insightful Reporting, Part II

By : Tom Senn, Vice President, Client Insights and Analytics

Last week, I shared the first four steps in YA’s approach to best-in-class reporting and analytics: 1) understand marketing objectives, 2) define the target audience, 3) design strong metrics and KPIs, and 4) show the big picture first. This week, I’ll be covering steps 5 through 8 of our reporting process. Step 5: Use supportive… Read more »

Eight Steps to Insightful Reporting, Part I

By : Tom Senn, Vice President, Client Insights and Analytics

At YA, we believe that good reporting doesn’t just happen — it has to be carefully planned to ensure that the data delivers meaningful, actionable information to our clients. To that end, we have a team of insight-driven experts who make sure that every report we deliver helps our clients gain a deeper understanding of… Read more »

Delivering Results

By : Tom Senn, Vice President, Client Insights and Analytics

Delivering promotional insights and program metrics is core to every client program we create and execute. If you’re a YA client, you’ll never have to ask “How is that promotion doing?” because YA provides ongoing program status updates, an end-of-program deep dive analysis of the results, a return on marketing investment analysis and recommendations for… Read more »

The “So What” Factor

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development

YA offers clients actionable recommendations based on insights, analysis and industry benchmarking. With every program, marketers expect summarized program results. The “rear view mirror” stats are table stakes for any promotional program. At YA our online reporting dashboard is available 24 / 7 so that our account teams and clients can monitor program performance during… Read more »

Intelligent Decision Making with YA

By : Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

We’re refining tools to help our clients get the most out of their marketing budgets Here at YA, we’re always working on solutions to help our clients make intelligent decisions about their promotional marketing efforts. Not only do we have great tools to support back-end program analysis, but we’re also refining our predictive approach that… Read more »

Delivering and Understanding Results with Actionable Reporting

By : Leone Hunter, Senior Vice President, Operations

Delivering program results—and insights—are core to YA’s operational expertise A marketing promotions program is only as good as the results it delivers. Our clients need clear, accurate, actionable data that helps them establish solid programs, justify marketing dollars and shape future promotions. Ask any marketing services provider what kind of work they produce for their… Read more »

Want to Look Like a Promotions Hero?

By : Cletis Hoffer, Vice President Payment Services

Our clients are under more pressure than ever to justify their marketing spends…and we can help prove the success Our clients often tell us that they are challenged to do more with less. Budgets aren’t growing by leaps and bounds. Marketers need to keep up-to-date on the ever-changing omni-channel digital marketing landscape—while acquiring new customers;… Read more »