Fanatics for Details? That’s the YA Way!

By : Leone Hunter, Senior Vice President, Operations

Paying attention to all the details helps us keep our client’s promotions on track and meet marketing objectives. I talk to YA clients every day. While they work in different industries and rely on YA for different types of programs from rebates to enter to win to loyalty–they all want their promotions to succeed with… Read more »

Picking the Right Reward: It Matters

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development

Picking the right reward is a critical part of program design that can be looked at as unimportant or as a basic program cost. Not at YA! Depending on your marketing objectives, there are numerous options. And those choices will impact both the consumer behaviors you are looking to drive as well as your return… Read more »

Worry-Free=Reliable, Scalable and Secure

By : Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

Why you can trust YA with your promotion At YA, everyone is so passionate about delighting our clients and their customers, it stands to reason that most of us appreciate when our clients’ recognize our work. Who doesn’t like a little extra attention? Actually, our systems team has a different mindset. They want their hard… Read more »

Promotion Expertise, Creative and Technology =Great Client Programs

By : Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

  Marketers continue to face challenges with respect to time and budget. One way that we help clients overcome this challenge is to deliver a “one-stop-shop”—meeting their needs not only with promotion development and execution, but also in developing all of the required creative for a promotion. YA Creative Services From a creative perspective, in… Read more »

Delivering and Understanding Results with Actionable Reporting

By : Leone Hunter, Senior Vice President, Operations

Delivering program results—and insights—are core to YA’s operational expertise A marketing promotions program is only as good as the results it delivers. Our clients need clear, accurate, actionable data that helps them establish solid programs, justify marketing dollars and shape future promotions. Ask any marketing services provider what kind of work they produce for their… Read more »

Knowing the Law Leads to Promotional Success

By : Kelley Gregory, Vice President, Legal

YA’s In-House Legal Expert Navigates the Legal In’s and Out’s of Promotional Marketing The last thing any client wants with a promotion is to run into an unexpected problem that results in consumer frustration or negative press. Legal considerations are an area that can be easily overlooked in promotion planning if you don’t have an… Read more »

The YA Contact Center Offers Seamless, Flexible and Scalable Consumer Support

By : Tina Baeyens, Director, YA Contact Center

Every year, we run literally thousands of promotions for major brands. In fact, more than 3,500 last year. What you might not be aware of is that when a consumer has questions about one of our clients programs, they reach out to the YA Contact Center for support. Best experience We’re managing multiple live programs… Read more »

Promotional Peace of Mind

By : Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

YA’s technology and process are our “secret weapons” for seamless, flawless and worry-free promotions Relaxed, successful and feeling on top of the world: that’s how I want all our customers to be. When I meet with the marketing leadership of major brands and hear phrases like “you’re so easy to work with,” or “you’ve communicated… Read more »

Want to Look Like a Promotions Hero?

By : Cletis Hoffer, Vice President Payment Services

Our clients are under more pressure than ever to justify their marketing spends…and we can help prove the success Our clients often tell us that they are challenged to do more with less. Budgets aren’t growing by leaps and bounds. Marketers need to keep up-to-date on the ever-changing omni-channel digital marketing landscape—while acquiring new customers;… Read more »

How YA Delivers Flawless Client Promotions Every Time

By : Leone Hunter, PMP, SVP of Operations

A Self-Described “Process Queen” Shares How YA Keeps Client Promotions On Track, On Time and Expertly Executed I’ll admit it – they call me “Process Queen” around the office, and I’m pretty sure they mean it in a good way. From my perspective, it certainly is! I get a thrill from taking a project with… Read more »