Click Here: Making it Easy for Your Customers to Engage

By : Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

YA’s development philosophy is mobile-first, mobile-responsive I’ve always thought “first things first” is a great guiding principle for planning every day. The idea is to tackle high-priority items first, and move on to ones with a lower “mission critical” factor. It’s the way I like to organize my workflow, and it’s certainly the way we… Read more »

The “So What” Factor

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development

YA offers clients actionable recommendations based on insights, analysis and industry benchmarking. With every program, marketers expect summarized program results. The “rear view mirror” stats are table stakes for any promotional program. At YA our online reporting dashboard is available 24 / 7 so that our account teams and clients can monitor program performance during… Read more »

Viewpoint: Prepaid Opportunities

By : Render Dahiya, Arroweye CEO, and Chris Behrens, YA President and CEO

What Are You Leaving on the Table in the Battle for Customer Acquisition and Retention? Consumer purchase habits have changed drastically in the past five years. Buyers have ubiquitous access to nearly every product category under the sun and can comparison-shop across the street or around the world with a few quick swipes on their… Read more »

The “Voice” of Your Brand: The YA Contact Center

By : Leone Hunter, Senior Vice President, Operations

YA’s leading the industry with Contact Center innovations that elevate every conversation into an extension of your brand experience. The team at YA is continuing to expand the ways we help our clients meet their marketing objectives, whether through the latest digital technology, the newest social channel or utilizing advanced analytics and data to measure… Read more »

Protecting your Promotions from Fraud

By : Leone Hunter, Senior Vice President, Operations

If you want rock-solid fraud prevention for your promotions, you’ll need great processes and systems. One of the reasons clients work with YA is our ability to help create and manage promotional programs that create great customer experiences—programs that incent key customer behaviors and reward the right people with the right rewards. Central to that… Read more »

Intelligent Decision Making with YA

By : Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

We’re refining tools to help our clients get the most out of their marketing budgets Here at YA, we’re always working on solutions to help our clients make intelligent decisions about their promotional marketing efforts. Not only do we have great tools to support back-end program analysis, but we’re also refining our predictive approach that… Read more »

Integrated Contact Center. What that Means, Why it Matters to our Clients and their Customers

By : Tina Baeyens, Director, Contact Center

YA’s Contact Center helps extend the voice and personality of our clients’ brands with operators who understand how to answer questions quickly and accurately When clients work with YA, one of the things that is special about our service is that we develop and execute programs from end-to-end. We help our clients develop the strategy,… Read more »

Three Mistakes that Can Spell Trouble for Your Promotion

By : Kelley Gregory, Vice President, Legal

YA’s Legal Expert Offers Insights into Common Promotion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them When a promotion is going well, everything seems so simple – consumers are happy, clients are pleased, and marketing objectives are met. But overlooking important legal standards can create problems and impact your brand’s reputation. When consulting with YA clients, our… Read more »

Fast and Flexible

By : Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

How YA delivers immediate and flexible digital rewards that help you meet your marketing objectives … plus some future trends you’ll want to consider Remember rebate forms? And cutting off UPC codes? Remember stamps and envelopes? These days, very few of us have the attention span or the spare time to devote to any process… Read more »

Seven Tips for Selecting the Right Reward

By : Cletis Hoffer, Vice President, Payment Services

The right reward, in the right format, delivered at the right time – at YA, we understand how to put plenty of excitement into your rebate promotion. All of us on the YA team have a passion for what we do, but I have to tell you that I think my job is certainly the… Read more »