Managing the Micro-Moments

By : Janeen Coyle, Senior Vice President, Program Management Office and Client Delivery

I enjoyed reading a recent blog post by my Human Resources colleagues about the characteristics we look for when interviewing potential YA team members. As the leader of the group responsible for program management and client delivery, I have the opportunity to see those characteristics at work during daily, client-facing and internal interactions throughout our… Read more »

Picking the Right Reward

By : Cletis Hoffer, Vice President, Payment Services

There are many different elements involved in a promotion, from initial design, to execution, to post-program analysis. One key step is the selection of the right reward. If you are choosing rewards that don’t have the right perceived value, don’t fit your intended demographic, or are not maximizing your return on your marketing investment, then… Read more »

YA’s Fraud Prevention Approach

By : Tom Senn, Vice President, Client Insights & Analytics

At YA, we care about the things that keep our clients awake at night. In today’s fast-paced and volatile digital marketplace, we know that worries about fraud can lead to concerns for many brand marketers. And while many promotional partners don’t even address this topic, we’ve taken proactive measures to create effective responses to the… Read more »

Looking for Market Insights? Just ask YA.

By : Krista Forsberg, Vice President, Marketing

The individuals on YA’s roster of Fortune 500 clients are all thought leaders in their industries. They understand how important it is to know what’s going on in the minds of their customers, potential customers and competition. When these thought leaders want to work on customer retention, acquisition and loyalty, they turn to YA, because… Read more »

Delivering Results

By : Tom Senn, Vice President, Client Insights and Analytics

Delivering promotional insights and program metrics is core to every client program we create and execute. If you’re a YA client, you’ll never have to ask “How is that promotion doing?” because YA provides ongoing program status updates, an end-of-program deep dive analysis of the results, a return on marketing investment analysis and recommendations for… Read more »

Faster, Safer, Better: YA’s Digital Team Brings It All Together for Your Promotions

By : Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

When you want a promotion that leverages the best new promotional marketing technology, and integrates the systems you’ve already created internally, then it’s time to talk to YA. We’ve built a number of YA-proprietary application program interfaces (APIs) that allow us to bring new approaches to clients, while leveraging their system infrastructure. APIs are just… Read more »

The Human Factor

By : Tina Baeyens, Senior Director, Contact Center

Digital technology has become the norm for the way we live our lives and do our work. At YA, the programs we create, led with technology, on behalf our clients helps them to acquire, retain and win back customers and communicate with their consumers, where they are. That means digital, mobile and social. Consumers want… Read more »

Coach and Counsel: YA Top-Notch Legal Expertise

By : Kelley Gregory, Vice President, Legal

These days, doing it yourself has never been easier. Whether you’re fixing a leaky pipe or creating a website, you can always find a YouTube video or online manual to help you, step-by-step, get the job done. But not everything in life should be DIY, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to creating… Read more »

YA Brings Best in Class Standards to Program Management Excellence

By : Janeen Coyle, Senior Vice President, PMO and Client Delivery

Marketing promotions are more complex than ever. Is your program management keeping pace? See what YA is doing. Here at YA, we manage more than 3,500 programs and 100 million consumer submissions each year. With that level of volume and activity, and with the increasingly complex, multi-channel dimension of promotions, YA maintains a sharp focus… Read more »

Real, Live Customer Conversations

By : Tina Baeyens, Director, Contact Center Operations

Nothing can replace the power of human interaction. In an age when most communication seems to be digital, engaging in one-on-one conversations is the kind of old-school/new-school touch that can move your brand experience from ho-hum to wow! Of course, everyone appreciates the speed and efficiency of a quick email or text, but here at… Read more »