Cool, Confident and Worry-Free

By : Krista Forsberg, Vice President, Marketing

Our clients are smart marketers — they are masters at creating and managing brands by effectively using all the marketing tools at their disposal to engage consumers, drive sales and increase loyalty. But, what we find is that our clients appreciate — and depend on — YA’s deep understanding of the legal requirements that come… Read more »

YA’s Fraud Prevention Approach

By : Tom Senn, Vice President, Client Insights & Analytics

At YA, we care about the things that keep our clients awake at night. In today’s fast-paced and volatile digital marketplace, we know that worries about fraud can lead to concerns for many brand marketers. And while many promotional partners don’t even address this topic, we’ve taken proactive measures to create effective responses to the… Read more »

Coach and Counsel: YA Top-Notch Legal Expertise

By : Kelley Gregory, Vice President, Legal

These days, doing it yourself has never been easier. Whether you’re fixing a leaky pipe or creating a website, you can always find a YouTube video or online manual to help you, step-by-step, get the job done. But not everything in life should be DIY, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to creating… Read more »

Protecting your Promotions from Fraud

By : Leone Hunter, Senior Vice President, Operations

If you want rock-solid fraud prevention for your promotions, you’ll need great processes and systems. One of the reasons clients work with YA is our ability to help create and manage promotional programs that create great customer experiences—programs that incent key customer behaviors and reward the right people with the right rewards. Central to that… Read more »

Three Mistakes that Can Spell Trouble for Your Promotion

By : Kelley Gregory, Vice President, Legal

YA’s Legal Expert Offers Insights into Common Promotion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them When a promotion is going well, everything seems so simple – consumers are happy, clients are pleased, and marketing objectives are met. But overlooking important legal standards can create problems and impact your brand’s reputation. When consulting with YA clients, our… Read more »

Knowing the Law Leads to Promotional Success

By : Kelley Gregory, Vice President, Legal

YA’s In-House Legal Expert Navigates the Legal In’s and Out’s of Promotional Marketing The last thing any client wants with a promotion is to run into an unexpected problem that results in consumer frustration or negative press. Legal considerations are an area that can be easily overlooked in promotion planning if you don’t have an… Read more »