What YA delivers–that other agencies miss

Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Operations There are two things any marketer wants from a promotional marketing agency: unrivaled effectiveness and complete peace of mind. If those goals sound a bit lofty, they’re an everyday part of doing business with YA. If you’ve found yourself worrying about the amount of hand-holding and double-checking your agency… Read more »

Ray of sunshine for gloomy QSR sales

Mark Shelley Vice President of QSR Business Development There’s no denying that news has been gloomy for those operating in the QSR casual dining space, as they’ve seen market share dwindle and sales decline. But in a recent survey of 1,000 U.S. adults, YA found some surprising data on the kinds of customers most likely… Read more »

Four Steps to Flawless Execution

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Operations

Our goal at YA is to create extraordinary consumer experiences that translate into positive returns on our clients’ marketing investments. We follow an organization-wide process that keeps us on time and on budget with all our client programs. No matter what type of program is being executed, our team follows four clear steps to ensure… Read more »

O Canada! Expansion Reaps Benefits for YA Clients and Employees

By : Rena Gandham, Director, Human Resources

As I look back on the past year, the move and expansion of our Chatham-Kent Contact Center was transformational for our clients and our employees! There are so many amazing memories to reflect upon.  After all of the hard work, preparation and planning, seeing our team’s faces as they walked into their new workplace for… Read more »

Eight Steps to Insightful Reporting, Part II

By : Tom Senn, Vice President, Client Insights and Analytics

Last week, I shared the first four steps in YA’s approach to best-in-class reporting and analytics: 1) understand marketing objectives, 2) define the target audience, 3) design strong metrics and KPIs, and 4) show the big picture first. This week, I’ll be covering steps 5 through 8 of our reporting process. Step 5: Use supportive… Read more »

Eight Steps to Insightful Reporting, Part I

By : Tom Senn, Vice President, Client Insights and Analytics

At YA, we believe that good reporting doesn’t just happen — it has to be carefully planned to ensure that the data delivers meaningful, actionable information to our clients. To that end, we have a team of insight-driven experts who make sure that every report we deliver helps our clients gain a deeper understanding of… Read more »

Cool, Confident and Worry-Free

By : Krista Forsberg, Vice President, Marketing

Our clients are smart marketers — they are masters at creating and managing brands by effectively using all the marketing tools at their disposal to engage consumers, drive sales and increase loyalty. But, what we find is that our clients appreciate — and depend on — YA’s deep understanding of the legal requirements that come… Read more »

We’re Growing!

By : Rena Gandham, Director, Human Resources

I’ve recently joined YA to lead our Canadian human resources team, and let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier to join an organization experiencing so much growth.  In fact, we recently announced that we are tripling the size of our office space in Chatham, Ontario and plan to nearly double the number of employees… Read more »

Integrated Consumer Support

By : Tina Baeyens, Sr. Director, Contact Center

You’ve planned an integrated promotional campaign, you’ve worked with the digital creative team to develop your web site and you’ve selected some terrific rewards. It seems like your promotional marketing program is ready to go, right? Wait a minute! Have you thought about consumer support? What will happen when participants have questions, need more information… Read more »