Durable loyalty: Manufacturers’ tap into relationship-building strategies

Andy Dickhausen Senior Account Director Even in industries that seem to have nothing in common, there are always strategies we can take from one type of marketing scenario and adapt for a completely different one. I worked for a number of years with clients whose businesses is frequent and transactional, such as banking credit and… Read more »

How to Create “Loyalty Love”

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Operations

These days, it seems that just about every brand has a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are recognized by smart marketers as effective ways to differentiate their brand and drive loyalty through repeat purchases or behaviors, while providing unique rewards or experiences to selected groups of loyal customers. These programs can keep you in close contact… Read more »

Ready, Set, Engage

By : Krista Forsberg, Vice President, Marketing

Imagine that you have just run a highly successful marketing promotion — whether it was a rebate, a sweepstakes or a sampling initiative. Now, in addition to exceeding your goals for the program, you also have a significant amount of consumer information from people who made a purchase, engaged in a brand promotion or tried… Read more »

The Future of Promotions: Continuing Engagement

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development

Imagine you’ve invested a significant amount of your marketing budget to acquire new customers and it was a huge success. The program was executed flawlessly from the in-market messaging, to your team and channel partner training, to the phenomenal customer responses. Your event exceeded the lofty sales goals. Now what? On to the next promotion?… Read more »