Cool, Confident and Worry-Free

By : Krista Forsberg, Vice President, Marketing

Our clients are smart marketers — they are masters at creating and managing brands by effectively using all the marketing tools at their disposal to engage consumers, drive sales and increase loyalty. But, what we find is that our clients appreciate — and depend on — YA’s deep understanding of the legal requirements that come… Read more »

Referral Programs Get the Job Done

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development

YA gets referral marketing.  In fact, we manage millions of consumer referrals through our client’s programs every year.  Referrals are an excellent way for marketers to leverage the personal connections of their most loyal consumers. Why not turn satisfied consumers into your biggest advocates by offering encouragement, incentives and a simple way to spread the… Read more »

Consumers Love Samples and So Should Brands!

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development

Samples are an important tool for marketers.  Why?  Consumers that try a product sample are more likely to buy that product in the future or even switch brands!  Ask consumers what they think, and almost unanimously they will tell you they love to try new products and experience previously unfamiliar brands risk-free with a product… Read more »

We’re Growing!

By : Rena Gandham, Director, Human Resources

I’ve recently joined YA to lead our Canadian human resources team, and let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier to join an organization experiencing so much growth.  In fact, we recently announced that we are tripling the size of our office space in Chatham, Ontario and plan to nearly double the number of employees… Read more »

YA’s Vision and Mission: Our Guiding Light

By : Chris Behrens, President and CEO

The marketplace and client business needs evolve and change, but the most important things stand the test of time. As I look back on what we’ve accomplished at YA since our business transformation began, I’m proud to note that our original vision and mission, crafted when I first came on board, are still in place… Read more »

See the YA Team this Fall at Industry Events

By : Krista Forsberg, Vice President, Marketing

At YA, as we look to autumn, we’re gearing up to participate in a number of industry events.  We find value in attending these conferences because they provide us with unique opportunities to connect face-to-face with our current clients, meet potential new clients and hear the latest on what other marketers are doing to help… Read more »

We’re Expanding!

By : Chris Behrens, President and CEO

I’m excited to share the news of YA’s expansion in Chatham-Kent, Ontario! For years, our Chatham-Kent office has been a critical location for our business, housing our highly professional contact center team.  We realize the quality of talent in Chatham-Kent and the surrounding area and we’re confident we will effectively expand our business to meet… Read more »

Road Map to Excellence: Start with Marketing Objectives

By : Janeen Coyle, Senior Vice President, Program Management Office and Client Delivery

At YA, our proven, best practice approach to promotion design is grounded in our vertical market expertise and over 40 years of promotion development for some of the most beloved brands. And it is supported by a flexible yet disciplined implementation process. The first step in bringing any promotion to life is understanding as much… Read more »

Integrated Consumer Support

By : Tina Baeyens, Sr. Director, Contact Center

You’ve planned an integrated promotional campaign, you’ve worked with the digital creative team to develop your web site and you’ve selected some terrific rewards. It seems like your promotional marketing program is ready to go, right? Wait a minute! Have you thought about consumer support? What will happen when participants have questions, need more information… Read more »

Rocket Fuel for Your Next Marketing Promotion

By : Tom Senn, Vice President, Client Insights and Analytics

Using data has gone from an up-and-coming trend to a critical piece of marketing execution. Marketers are capturing and using data to understand their consumers, track program performance, and design or improve the next promotion. The rise of digital channels has led to an explosion of places to capture data. That said, this proliferation of… Read more »