Giving thanks for a successful year

Chris Behrens, President and CEO Our team at YA has worked very hard in the past year, and we’re looking forward to a few days off for rest and reflection during the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re all especially grateful for the resounding successes we’ve achieved in the year that’s now drawing to a close. When you… Read more »

How to build a faster—and better—rebate program

Kevin Palmstein, Mobile/Web Application Product Management Leader Business moves at a breakneck pace, and, for many of us, “instant” has started to seem just a little bit too slow. The mobile/web product development team here at YA understands that consumers have developed an appetite for immediate gratification that’s only going to increase—at least as long… Read more »

Three Innovative technologies to watch – version 2.0

Todd Carter, Chief Digital Officer At YA, we are always keeping a close watch for emerging technologies that will impact the way brands engage with their consumers. Three of those technologies are in various states of evolution, but I expect their impact will be significant. Snapchat With approximately 70% of users under the age of… Read more »

When shopping for durable goods, customers looking for safe bet

Dan Ribolzi, Vice President of Sales, Manufacturing Vertical More well-informed than ever before, today’s consumers are adept at accessing product information, expert ratings, and customer reviews to help inform their purchases. Old stalwarts such as Consumer Reports and CNet remain highly relevant, while Amazon and Google have become crucial to helping consumers sort through the… Read more »

How does your talent pool stack up against your competition?

Chris Behrens, President and CEO Attracting, hiring and retaining top-quality employees is the key to building a high-performing marketing organization. Are you having an easier time finding qualified candidates to build your team, or is your organization facing some headwinds? A recent survey of Twin Cities’ marketing executives, commissioned by YA, uncovered some interesting new… Read more »

It’s a lonnnnnnnng road to digital transformation, but we can help

Chris Behrens, President and CEO Take a look around you in any place that people gather, and you’ll be convinced that the transformation to a 100 percent digital/social/mobile society is already upon us. There doesn’t seem to be a place that we don’t find it appropriate to Snapchat, DM and Tweet. But while consumers are… Read more »

YA Launches Guided Analytics Dashboards

Minneapolis, Oct. 9, 2017 — YA, the industry market leader in delivering high-impact, omni-channel marketing promotions for the nation’s most respected brands, today announced that it has launched new Guided Analytics Dashboards that provide real-time insights on marketing promotions programs. YA used client insights and feedback to develop the new Dashboards, which provide users with… Read more »

The easiest way to find out what’s on marketers’ minds

Chris Behrens, President and CEO No, you can’t do it sitting at your laptop or looking at your phone. You might even have to get on a plane to make it happen. But sitting in a room at an industry conference and listening—really listening—to what’s on marketers’ minds can be the best way to make… Read more »