It’s always a good time for a rebate (even on Valentine’s Day)

Chris Behrens, President and CEO I can tell you from personal experience that remembering Valentine’s Day is just one of the many secrets to relationship success. When it pertains to my wife, Kathy, the real secret for me is not forgetting Valentine’s Day. (And yes, I’ve already called the florist and made dinner reservations for… Read more »

Three ways to make sure your rebates and promotions are fraud-protected

Kevin Palmstein, Mobile/Web Application Product Management Leader Data breaches. Hacks. Business disruptions. Criminal activity has definitely taken a big shift to move from dark alleys to computer servers. These crafty criminals will do their best to take advantage of your rebate or promotion, too. And they’re so good at what they do, you may not… Read more »

How promotional data can strengthen customer relationships

Kevin Palmstein, Mobile/Web Application Product Management Leader We’re in the business of creating smart, responsive promotions that help you reach your marketing objectives. And as successful as we are at doing that, we understand that promotions are only the beginning. Those first-step communications are a perfect entry point for deeper relationships with your loyal customers…. Read more »

Curating choice: how smart marketers help consumers decide

Kevin Palmstein, Mobile/Web Application Product Management Leader When designing promotional marketing campaigns, there are some areas in which too much of a good thing is just about right. You can never be too fast, too creative or too accurate. In the area of choice, however, you need to aim for just the right balance. While… Read more »

Giving thanks for a successful year

Chris Behrens, President and CEO Our team at YA has worked very hard in the past year, and we’re looking forward to a few days off for rest and reflection during the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re all especially grateful for the resounding successes we’ve achieved in the year that’s now drawing to a close. When you… Read more »