Act like a publisher, get results like a marketer

Guest Blogger: Audra Carson, Head of Content Marketing & Media Platforms, General Mills I work for one of the most iconic food companies in the world, the force behind brands like Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Cheerios. When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: “I’m a publisher.” Essentially, my team… Read more »

Now appearing in a conference room near you … YA’s Tony Mosley

While many YA colleagues had a lot of fun on their summer vacations, only one–Senior Project Manager Tony Mosley–went on a European concert tour that reunited bandmates from Prince’s New Power Generation. Read Tony’s story in this month’s issue of Minnesota Good Age magazine. Read Tony’s blog, Three things I learned about business while playing… Read more »

Integrated marketing has ever been more important

Guest blogger: Anindya Ghose, Heinz Riehl Chair Professor of Business at New York University’s Stern School of Business   If you think you’re making the most of the mobile economy in your business, I’m story to tell you that you’re probably wrong. Here’s the hard data: consumers spend about a quarter of their time with… Read more »

Machine learning, a new look at the 4 P’s and more: the future of marketing is here

Guest Blogger:  Ravi Bapna, Associate Dean, Executive Education, Curtis L. Carlson Chair Professor in Business Analytics and Information Systems, University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management     We’re gathering data from our customers at faster and faster rates. But many marketers are sitting on pile-ups of actionable, usable consumer data, and they’re asking themselves: Now… Read more »

Three ways I use creativity in business every day

Chris Behrens, President and CEO Robustly healthy bottom lines. Tightly defined and adhered-to work processes. Wildly energetic creativity. If you’re thinking “one of these things is not like the others,” I beg to disagree. As a someone who was just named as one of the “30 Most Creative CEOs to Watch” by Insights Success Magazine, I’m justifiably… Read more »

Three promotional marketing trends you should know about

Chris Behrens, President and CEO With more than 40 years as an industry leader, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the trends that affect the promotions sector and drive the new trends that are building consumer engagement . Here are some trends we’re seeing on the horizon. Trend One Budgets on the rise,… Read more »

Five Best Practices for Rebate Success

Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development No doubt about it, rebates are as popular as ever. Recent research shows that 50 percent of consumers have taken advantage of rebates in the last year. Rebates drive action from consumers, like making a purchase at a specific store, buying a different model, purchasing sooner… Read more »

What YA delivers–that other agencies miss

Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Operations There are two things any marketer wants from a promotional marketing agency: unrivaled effectiveness and complete peace of mind. If those goals sound a bit lofty, they’re an everyday part of doing business with YA. If you’ve found yourself worrying about the amount of hand-holding and double-checking your agency… Read more »