This Summer’s Blockbuster Cameo Appearance

Who is that GenD-er appearing at the 13- and 47-second mark in the latest DMA video? It’s none other than YA’s President and CEO Chris Behrens. If you’re going to be a leader in the digital revolution, you’re going to need a killer anthem. That’s the philosophy behind DMA’s new “GenD anthem” video, which includes… Read more »

Attitude and Aptitude is Key to Our Culture

By : Janet Fahey, Vice President, Human Resources

Our engaged employees don’t just work smarter—they have more fun, too. One of the best parts of my job is when I get a chance to interview a candidate who turns out to be a perfect fit for YA. We look for a number of qualities in successful applicants, but two key factors are aptitude… Read more »

Integrated Contact Center. What that Means, Why it Matters to our Clients and their Customers

By : Tina Baeyens, Director, Contact Center

YA’s Contact Center helps extend the voice and personality of our clients’ brands with operators who understand how to answer questions quickly and accurately When clients work with YA, one of the things that is special about our service is that we develop and execute programs from end-to-end. We help our clients develop the strategy,… Read more »

Three Mistakes that Can Spell Trouble for Your Promotion

By : Kelley Gregory, Vice President, Legal

YA’s Legal Expert Offers Insights into Common Promotion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them When a promotion is going well, everything seems so simple – consumers are happy, clients are pleased, and marketing objectives are met. But overlooking important legal standards can create problems and impact your brand’s reputation. When consulting with YA clients, our… Read more »

Fast and Flexible

By : Jeffrey Schaubschlager, Senior Vice President, Digital Services

How YA delivers immediate and flexible digital rewards that help you meet your marketing objectives … plus some future trends you’ll want to consider Remember rebate forms? And cutting off UPC codes? Remember stamps and envelopes? These days, very few of us have the attention span or the spare time to devote to any process… Read more »

Seven Tips for Selecting the Right Reward

By : Cletis Hoffer, Vice President, Payment Services

The right reward, in the right format, delivered at the right time – at YA, we understand how to put plenty of excitement into your rebate promotion. All of us on the YA team have a passion for what we do, but I have to tell you that I think my job is certainly the… Read more »

Fanatics for Details? That’s the YA Way!

By : Leone Hunter, Senior Vice President, Operations

Paying attention to all the details helps us keep our client’s promotions on track and meet marketing objectives. I talk to YA clients every day. While they work in different industries and rely on YA for different types of programs from rebates to enter to win to loyalty–they all want their promotions to succeed with… Read more »

Welcome Home

By : Chris Behrens, President and CEO

After 40 years as the industry-leading promotional marketing services company called Young America, we’re changing our name to YA and moving to downtown Minneapolis. Boxes have been packed, trucks have been loaded and we’re ready to take off on our next adventure. Beginning June 1, all 100-plus U.S.-based employees will be working together at the… Read more »

Picking the Right Reward: It Matters

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development

Picking the right reward is a critical part of program design that can be looked at as unimportant or as a basic program cost. Not at YA! Depending on your marketing objectives, there are numerous options. And those choices will impact both the consumer behaviors you are looking to drive as well as your return… Read more »

It Starts with Marketing Objectives

By : Chris Behrens, President and CEO

Our team keeps a laser-like focus on our clients’ marketing objectives, leading to impressive results, time after time. There is a reason YA is the go-to promotional marketing services company for many of the world’s most well-known brands, and there’s a good reason why we’re such a respected industry leader. We start every project with… Read more »