We Hear You

By : Tom Madden, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Development, Young America

The marketing and business landscape is challenging! Increased and changing competition, proliferation of communication channels and evolving consumer trends. Some days, as a marketer, it may seem like the only constant is change. Our team is constantly monitoring trends, assessing how these impact clients and their promotional programs and learning from the multitude of client… Read more »

YA’s Client-Focused Product Plan

By : Chris Behrens, YA President and CEO

We’re focused on creating products and marketing solutions that meet our client’s needs I enjoy meeting with clients and hearing about their business’ unique issues and challenges. Whether it’s a client who has worked with YA for many of the 40+ years we’ve been in business, or if it’s someone hearing our story for the… Read more »

Active Listening: How YA is capturing and acting on client feedback from our annual market study

By : Chris Behrens, President and CEO, YA

Intentional listening is a vital skill for any businessperson to have, especially when it comes to understanding customers’ unique needs and challenges. In today’s hyper-competitive marketing environment, every organization must cultivate the skill of listening carefully to customers and interpreting their needs, and acting with purpose to help them achieve their objectives. That’s why, here… Read more »

Leverage and Transform

By : Chris Behrens, President and CEO, YA

Welcome to our newly refreshed web space, and the first-ever posting in our company blog series. Our blog will be a place to find new information and valuable thought starters for your own organization. I’ve been a member of the YA team for over a year now, and it’s been an incredible journey of learning… Read more »