Three things I learned about business while playing with Prince

Tony Mosley, Senior Project Manager (and original member of the New Power Generation) If you’re a current YA client, you probably know me as the manager on one or more of your promotional marketing projects. I’m hoping that when you think of me, you conjure up words like “effective,” “reliable” or “incredibly handsome.” (Okay, I’m… Read more »

Building a Strong Team the YA Way

By : Janet Fahey, Vice President, Human Resources and Shannon Senna, Senior Manager, Human Resources

One of the core responsibilities of our Human Resources team at YA is organization structure and culture alignment with the strategic plan.  This is an important (and exciting!) part of our job and we are laser focused on making a positive and lasting impression on a new hire. The journey starts when a new employee… Read more »

The Right Stuff?

By : Janet Fahey, Vice President, Human Resources and Shannon Senna, Senior Manager, Human Resources

At YA, we have a passion for meeting our clients’ needs and providing value. When we interview candidates, we want to see that kind of passion coming through in them as well. To bring out that passion, we’ve put a great deal of thought into our recruiting strategy, and we center our interviews around not… Read more »

Building a Great Team

By : Janet Fahey, Vice President, Human Resources, and Shannon Senna, Sr. Human Resources Manager

Not only is YA a great company for our clients to work with, but it is also a great place to work. Why? Our incredible team! With a mix of experienced veterans, vertical industry experts and technical, digital innovators, we’ve got the right team of players to help our clients achieve their marketing objectives. At… Read more »

Building an All-Star Team

By : Janet Fahey, Vice President, HR and Shannon Senna, Manager, HR

We’re proud of the “deep bench” we’ve built to help our clients meet their marketing objectives “You’re hired! Welcome to the YA team!” It seems that’s a phrase we’ve been saying quite a bit these days, as YA continues to grow its business. Our recent move and rebranding have given us access to a larger… Read more »

Attitude and Aptitude is Key to Our Culture

By : Janet Fahey, Vice President, Human Resources

Our engaged employees don’t just work smarter—they have more fun, too. One of the best parts of my job is when I get a chance to interview a candidate who turns out to be a perfect fit for YA. We look for a number of qualities in successful applicants, but two key factors are aptitude… Read more »

Existing + New Talent = Powerful YA Team

By : Janet Fahey, Vice President, Human Resources

Combining the perfect blend of industry expertise and new talent has been a major factor in YA’s successful growth I’ve been a proud member of Young America for 20 years, and it’s been so much fun to see our team evolve and change to meet the demands of the ever-changing promotional marketing services industry. We… Read more »