Three things I learned about business while playing with Prince

Tony Mosley, Senior Project Manager (and original member of the New Power Generation) If you’re a current YA client, you probably know me as the manager on one or more of your promotional marketing projects. I’m hoping that when you think of me, you conjure up words like “effective,” “reliable” or “incredibly handsome.” (Okay, I’m… Read more »

Manufacturers – “Jumping” the Channel

Dan Ribolzi, Vice President, Sales, Manufacturing Vertical Manufacturers of every kind – automotive, pharmaceutical, appliances – face a similar challenge. They rely on a retailer or other channel partner to deliver their product to the end consumer. Although this is an important partnership, it leaves manufacturers lacking customer insights. Many struggle to know who their… Read more »

When we give back, everyone wins

Kristine Konrad, Promotion Coordinator Being a volunteer seems to have been hard-wired into my DNA. I’ve worked with my church. I’ve gone on international mission trips with Score International. Heck, I’ve even auctioned myself off as a date during “Date for Lunch,” with proceeds benefitting the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Twin Cities’ Finest With this… Read more »

Three mistakes even smart marketers are making when calculating ROMI

Tom Senn Vice President, Client Insights & Analytics If you think everyone loves the confidence that comes from a good, solid metric, think about how you feel when you step on the scale at the doctor’s office. You know you’ll soon be receiving accurate, incontrovertible data, but is it going to make you feel better… Read more »

YA’s new Sr. VP of Marketing, Mark Allen, discusses next-level data insight

YA welcomes our new Senior Vice President of Marketing, Mark Allen, who discusses how we’re delivering next-level data insights (128) Happy to be here Senior Vice President of Marketing Mark Allen Moving to Minneapolis in January is not a proposition for the faint-of-heart, especially not for someone who, like me has had his blood thinned… Read more »

What a Year!

By : Chris Behrens, President and CEO

Which do you think I’m happier about – YA’s year-over-year growth of 30 percent, or the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series? Of course, it’s YA’s incredible performance, but I’ll have to admit that the performance of my Cubbies is a close second! (Not really…as president and CEO, I had to say it!) As I… Read more »

O Canada! Expansion Reaps Benefits for YA Clients and Employees

By : Rena Gandham, Director, Human Resources

As I look back on the past year, the move and expansion of our Chatham-Kent Contact Center was transformational for our clients and our employees! There are so many amazing memories to reflect upon.  After all of the hard work, preparation and planning, seeing our team’s faces as they walked into their new workplace for… Read more »