What Child Development Research Can Teach us About Trust

Melissa Koenig, Professor, University of Minnesota Institute on Child Development and Director of the Early Language and Experience Lab Every day of our lives, we’re navigating through a sea of information. If you’re beginning to feel as if the water is reaching up to your chin sometimes, you’re not alone. While we’re all consumers ourselves,… Read more »

Breaking the Cynicism Cycle: How Consumers Can Learn Trust Again

Kathleen Vohs, Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Land O’Lakes Chair in Marketing, Carlson School of Management I’ll confess it right away: I’m a cockeyed optimist. It might seem strange that I’ve spent the last two years conducting research on cynicism, but life takes some crazy turns sometimes, and, as a researcher, I think it’s often… Read more »

Do high prices lead to higher expectations?

Akshay Rao, Professor, General Mills Chair in Marketing at the Carlson School of Management If you pay more for something, you generally expect it to perform better. So, a high-priced aspirin should cure your headache faster, right? This is called the placebo effect. But a high-priced drug that has known side effects may also lead… Read more »

Engage Your Consumer with YA Innovation

Jay O’Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing Brands make the products. Brands advertise and market the product. Your supply chain gets the products into the right retailers at the right time. And then, for many brands, that’s when the whole process hits radio silence. As much as you would benefit from establishing a… Read more »

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 YA Scholarship!

And the winners are! Shira Kusnetz, daughter of Bob Kusnetz a Business Systems Analyst. Shira plans to attend Yeshiva University, Stern College for Women and study Occupational Therapy. She will spend her freshman year at Sha’alvim Seminary in Jerusalem. Zachary Holmgren, son of Doug Holmgren, SVP of Engineering & Delivery at YA. Zachary plans to attend the… Read more »

The right people in the right box: Hiring and retaining a growing team

Chris Behrens, President and CEO Here’s the good news about a business that’s doing well—you’ve got plenty of opportunities for growth. But here’s the challenge inherent in that growth—you need to find more people who can help you make that business grow. No matter what type of industry you’re in, you can face an uphill… Read more »

SMS Promotion

Why SMS may be your best engagement tactic (Still!)

Shawn Anne Buttschau, Vice President – Client Services It happens 18.7 billion times a day, all across the globe – a text message is sent via mobile phone. While it seems hard to imagine life without texting (officially known as SMS, for Short Message Service), it’s a communication method that really hit its stride only… Read more »

Highlights from ANA Brand Activation Conference, Part III

Dan Ribolzi, Vice President of Sales, Manufacturing Vertical #ANAActivate The 2018 ANA Brand Activation Conference was jam-packed with great content and impressive presenters. In the past couple blog posts, I’ve been covering some highlights. This week, I’m sharing my last two highlights, from Nickelodeon and Frito-Lay. “Re-Imagining the Brand Experience” Jennifer Tracy, SVP Partner Marketing… Read more »

Highlights from ANA Brand Activation Conference, Part II

Dan Ribolzi, Vice President of Sales, Manufacturing Vertical #ANAActivate I learned so much when attending the 2018 ANA Brand Activation Conference in Chicago this spring. While there were many terrific presentations, I gathered my “top six” to share on the YA blog. This week, I’m covering the presentations from Deluxe Corporation and Oscar Meyer. “Small… Read more »