YA powers incentivized marketing programs for many Fortune 500 businesses. We provide platforms that help our clients detect and prevent fraud, calculate and distribute rewards, calculate the ROI of their campaigns and more.

As a Software Engineer, you will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of interesting and innovative technology solutions. You’ll be on a team that values innovative approaches to the many challenges we face in the marketing industry. The solutions we provide are fueled by new ideas as much as they are by proven processes. We’re looking for passionate engineers to join our team and help us learn and grow as we navigate through the ever-evolving space that is product development.

Key Responsibilities:
• Design, build and maintain production systems supporting and adding new capabilities to our marketing platforms
• Willingness to collaborate and push the boundaries of technologies, patterns, and tools to identify ways to transform and evolve our platform
• Vocal member in small team environment who advocates for computer science
• Debug production issues across services and all levels of the stack
• At ease collaborating with product managers and designers to create great user experiences
• Believe documentation is a necessity; not an afterthought
• Can work on multiple in-flight projects effectively
Example Projects:
• Plan and implement integration solutions between our platforms and vendor package solutions. We work with a lot of third parties to enhance our offerings. If you’re comfortable taking a documented API and building a system around it (and its short comings), this could be for you.
• Improve our client delivery efforts. Our clients come to us with new ideas every day. Improving our products to increase flexibility and speed of delivery is a must. This could be anything from implementing new content management solutions to improving our deployment pipeline.

Base Qualifications:
• 3+ years of experience building rich internet applications using the Microsoft platform (.NET, Visual Studio, SharpDevelop, MS-SQL, ASP.NET) but also some exposure to open source technologies (Node.js, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java)
• Have experience working with both SQL and NoSQL databases (Postgres, MySQL, MS-SQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, Cassandra)
• Have used an IaaS/PaaS provider in a production setting (AWS, Azure, etc.)
• Comfortable developing in a Unix/Linux/MacOSX environment
• Familiarity with Agile methodologies (focused on priority based planning)
• Your comfortably walk in the world of API first development and data-driven applications
• Browser MV* frameworks (Angular, React, Ember, Backbone)
• Can hear a problem and design/build a working solution from scratch
• Care about the user whether your product has a GUI or is just an API
• Enjoy spending extra time finding the right solution to a problem
• Have strong communication skills and can both defend your ideas and suggest improvements
• Ability to clearly and effectively articulate thoughts and points in a collaborative atmosphere

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