How to build a faster—and better—rebate program

Kevin Palmstein, Mobile/Web Application Product Management Leader

Business moves at a breakneck pace, and, for many of us, “instant” has started to seem just a little bit too slow. The mobile/web product development team here at YA understands that consumers have developed an appetite for immediate gratification that’s only going to increase—at least as long as we can keep designing quicker, nimbler applications for your promotional marketing campaigns.

Back then: sloooooooow

Back in the slow old days, rebates were, at best, things that took weeks, even months, to fulfill. Consumers were required to fill out paperwork, include validation and – stay with me here – put it all in an envelope and mail it off to a mysterious “Program Headquarters.” Even once we entered the digital age, there were still major delays as we batched submissions and traded them back and forth with clients and fulfillment vendors.

Today: picking up the pace

In our super-speedy new world, we’ve left all that behind and begun connecting through application programming interfaces (APIs), which simplify and speed up our programming work. Now, we can work within our clients’ own systems to provide validation, respond to customers and provide a virtual reward for online redemption. The work happens customer-by-customer, not in batches, and it’s that hyper-individualization that allows us to turn around rebate responses so quickly.

Why it matters

We’re keeping up this relentless pace because we understand that every step of your customers’ experience needs to be seamless and satisfying. Instead of waiting weeks for a paper check to arrive in the mail, they can access a virtual reward very quickly. And when they’re satisfied with their rebate experience, they’re more likely to be satisfied with their brand experience. They’ll be more loyal to your brand, more likely to repurchase and more apt to share their positive feelings within social networks. Those are the kinds of behaviors that lead to stronger, healthier brands, and that’s why we’re continuing our work to keep rebate responses on the fast track, verifying and fulfilling them as rapidly as possible.

Let’s talk

If you’d like to learn more about how YA can turn even first-time customers into loyal brand advocates who take action, buy more and spread the word, please contact me to begin the conversation.


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