It’s always a good time for a rebate (even on Valentine’s Day)

Chris Behrens, President and CEO

I can tell you from personal experience that remembering Valentine’s Day is just one of the many secrets to relationship success. When it pertains to my wife, Kathy, the real secret for me is not forgetting Valentine’s Day. (And yes, I’ve already called the florist and made dinner reservations for this year, so no worries.)

Romantic rebates

Because I run a promotional marketing company that processes millions and millions of rebates for some of the world’s largest brands, I found myself wondering how the world of rebates and the world of romance might co-exist. It turns out, pretty well. In fact, you might even say rebates are downright romantic. We conducted an informal Valentine’s Day/Rebate survey, and we found out that the majority of folks who responded (51 percent) said they would think their significant other was “thrifty and smart” if they used a rebate to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift.

As I pondered the significance of this survey, I realized that most people understand that paying full price doesn’t make a gift more heartfelt. Our streamlined digital solutions make submitting a rebate easier than ever, so I wondered if our respondents feel that saving is not only easy, it’s the smart thing to do. After all, the way to “win” Valentine’s Day is to show up with a nice, thoughtful gift – who cares how much it cost in the long run?

Relevance for retail

Retail is a key vertical sector of our business organization, so I’m certainly going to be forwarding the results of this survey on to some of our retail clients, since I think this poses some excellent food for thought. Even when the intention is purely lovey-dovey, consumers will still be interested in promotions on romantic gifts this Valentine’s Day. It’s important to remember that, no matter what the occasion, consumers are still interested in buying from brands that offer them real value.

Vault it

I have to confess that I got a laugh out of the response to one question, in which 60 percent of our respondents said they’d keep it a secret from their significant other if they used a rebate to purchase a gift for them. That’s another key to a successful relationship, of course – knowing when to keep your mouth shut…..again from personal learning experiences!

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